Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guest Posting

I’m guest posting over at my very talented sister-in-law’s blog today: Get Your Crap Together.

I’m as surprised as you to think she asked me.

On purpose.

Here's how to get there.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

How To Not Travel Through Eastern Oregon

I love my family.

I do.

Which is why, every single year, I go visit them.

And travel through the desolation know as eastern Oregon.

People who think the world is over populated have never driven those sorry stretches of state high ways.

I mean, it’s pretty barren.

Which is exactly why I was pluggin’ along {going roughly 30 miles over the speed limit} earlier in July.

And also why I got pulled over.

In Christmas Valley.

Actual name.

Actually as lame as the name implies.

I had just driven through the center of town.

And by center of town I mean I rolled through it’s one stop sign and glanced at the one store. 

And I picked up speed. 

And then quickly slowed down as I saw the Sheriff that had just passed me make a U-turn and flip on its lights.

Officer: Hello.

Me: Hi.

Officer:  Do you know how fast you were going?

Me: Yes, sir.  I was going 60.

Officer:  Did you know it was 35 mph?

Me:  Are you kidding me?  I thought it was 55 mph.  {I really, and truly, thought I had hit the sign that said 55.}

Officer:  Nope.  It doesn’t turn to 55 mph till that sign right back there.

Me.  I’m sorry, I had no idea.

Officer:  Where are you headed?

Me:  Idaho.

Officer:  What for?

Me:  To see my family for the 4th of July.

Officer:  I’m from Orofino.

Me:  Are you really?  That’s such a nice area.  {Never been there in my life.}

Officer:  And a guy I trained and is now my friend is working in Meridian.

Me:  That’s amazing.  I grew up in that area.

Officer takes my license and registration.

Officer:  Normally I would ticket anyone that was going 25 miles over the speed limit…..

Me:  I can understand that.

Officer:  Ten over the speed limit…?  Wouldn’t have even batted an eye.  Twenty-five over the speed limit…?

Me:  Totally different story.

Officer:  But I’m letting you off with a warning.

Me:  {Obnoxiously thankful}

Officer begins to walk away and comes back:  I’m also letting you off because you only have one more kid than me!

Thank you, Officer


And on the way home…

we got to see this beauty:


How you might ask?

Because our tire had shredded.

Forty miles on the east side of Christmas Valley.

And we weren’t breaking 50 mph.

Driving with a spare tire.

Which we had no idea we had in our car.

{P.S. it wasn’t in the trunk.  Discovered only after we had unloaded all of the luggage for seven people coming home from a week long trip to Idaho in 100 degree weather on a deserted highway.}

The trip home took two hours longer than normal.

I love you, family,

so much, that I’m letting you come visit me from now on….


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Pictures

My friend came to visit.

While I was out of town.

And she and my other friend took the liberty of walking around my garden in my absence.

And gave their kids some of my peas.

They basically trespassed and stole.

However, they encouraged me to share what my garden looks like now.

So for the rest of you law abiding citizens that would like to see what my garden looks like now, here are way too many pictures:















Peas to right.

Tomatoes in the back.

Broccoli, carrots and onions at the bottom left.


Garden helper.


And one of our heavy pieces of machinery.


Tomatoes to the left.

Yellow crook neck squash to the right.


Corn, grapes, squash.






Green beans on the right.




Table grapes on the garden arbor.


Volunteer sunflowers.


My really, really, really pitiful sweet corn.




Water for the bees.

It’s my grandparents old bird bath.

Why I didn’t end up with the base I don’t know.


And loads of beets.

Which my family may or may not hate me for planting.




Pole beans.


And elsewhere on the property:





Concord grapes,




and pears.



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

During the Month of June:

I bought a Chinese Checkers game at a garage sale and it has been a huge hit.

I know this because the kids fight about it constantly.

And marbles are everywhere.


Meg turned 5.


Elizabeth photo bombed one of her pictures.


Bryce’s family had a family reunion and we went to Crater Lake.

Where it was snowing.

In June.

The last week of June.

After we had driven an hour and half to get there.

In shorts.



We went to Emigrant Lake.




And we came home with sand in our bums.

Well, not my bum, but other people’s.

Mostly those under the age of nine.

Or maybe just Bennett’s….


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Something is Better Than Nothing

At least that’s what I’m telling myself about this post.

Because it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

Maybe you’ve noticed?

If you’re still there?

Spring is a super busy time around here.

Which is exciting.

And exhausting.

Mostly exhausting.

Bryce says it’s because we’re homesteaders.

I say we’re not homesteaders.

He asks then, what are we?

I say we’re just an average looking couple who has a lot of stuff that causes a lot of work: yard, grass, weeds, garden, bees, children, chickens, house, money.

{Just kidding.

We don’t have a lot of money.}

So, in brief, this is what we’ve been up to:

Harvesting honey

Eating peas, raspberries, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and cherries.

And eggs.

Lots and lots of eggs.

Jumping on the trampoline.

Eating dinner under the grape arbor.

{Which was recently outfitted with some outdoor lighting.

And is home to a mommy, daddy and two baby robins.}

Adeline got a duck.

We made a chicken run.

{Bryce loves me, but he was tired of chicken poopy being every.where.}

Washing, hanging and folding laundry.

Spray painting and regular painting.

Dishes, always dishes.

Bennett is crawling.

Spencer is always hungry.

Meg still doesn’t know her letters.

And Elizabeth and Adeline are done with school this week.




Hiking at Table Rock









How Adeline sweeps the floor.


How Bennett is the favorite.


How Elizabeth looked as Betsy Ross.

Hope you’re having an awesome week,


Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Hope We’re Still Friends After You Meet My Children

We have these friends.

The kind of friends that when you stop by on a Saturday evening to drop off a cookie cutter, invite you to stay for dinner.

Which, of course, we did.

I was all settled down to dinner when I received an urgent message.

Via Adeline.

From Bryce.

Voiced in an alarming way.

A whisper.

“Dad needs you.”

“Did he split his pants?”

{Why did I think that was funny to say out loud?}

“I don’t know, but he really needs you up stairs.”

I pawned off Bennett and headed up the stairs.

Where I found:

Spencer - half naked.

Bryce - grumbling under his breath.

Dirty underwear on the floor.

A stench that you wouldn’t believe.

And poo spread pretty much from here to Timbuktu.

Which is a big deal.

But even worse:

The bathroom is white.

Top to bottom.

Marble bathtub.

Bleached white rugs.

White commode, toilet paper, counter top, flooring, walls and door.

Now all haphazardly, but fairly thoroughly, smeared with Spencer’s attempt to wipe his bum after a bout with the runs

……and I had used the rest of the wipies from my bag minutes before hand, had not a spare pair of underwear or a lone diaper.

The bathroom received a once {that’s a lie, it was like two or three times} over with wetted toilet paper - maybe a whole roll’s worth?

{Toilet paper and Bounty paper towels are not even in the same category for this kind of emergency.}

Did I mention Spencer had also managed to clog the toilet?

I don’t even know anymore….

So Bryce worked on that.

I put Spencer’s shorts back on him wrong side out.

{How the outside of his shorts were soiled while the inside remained unblemished is a secret Spencer will take to his grave.}

Plastered on a smile, and walked back to dinner, praying that the poo smell, some way, some how, magically evaporated on its own.

This is the kind of embarrassment only realized by parents.

Oh children.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Did I Say Monday? Because I Meant Tuesday…

The winner is:  Emily Morgan!

Thanks for all {twelve} of you that entered.

Quick question, the pictures for my blog aren’t showing up on my computer.  Anyone know why?

I will be back later this week with another post.


This week.

For sure.

It’s going to happen.

on path

Here’s a picture of my grandma to tide you over.