Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Improving the Laundry Room

Ah, the new year.

The time of year where I want to:

save money,

spend money,




finish up projects,

start new ones,

move to a new house,

work on my old one,

stop watching so much TV,

find a new series,

leave the house more,

and stay home more.

It’s a complicated time for me, even if it’s one of my favorites.


One of the things I wanted to do was work on the laundry room.

{Which may or may not have included hand washing some shirts that had been sitting in there for four months…}

I go back in forth in my life.

I want to be a minimalist.

I really do.

I’m just not.

I think I like too many things.

Part of me really loves these before pictures where you can see the yellow plank walls and chunky molding around the windows.


And you can see almost the whole wall of exposed brick.

{Which is now partially hidden by a box of outside toys and an umbrella stroller.}



But I also really love this.


I get to showcase some of the things I really love.

And that I wasn’t going to get rid of anyway and were just sitting in my basement.


But it definitely looks more cluttered.


Even if it is organized.




What do you love about the new year?  Are you a minimalist or not?  {What’s the opposite of a minimalist anyway?  I mean, besides a hoarder?}



And, Meg has been drawing pictures of me.

With some loose interpretations as to how my body really looks…..


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holidays in the Brief

Well, we celebrated Christmas.

Spencer was a stinker almost the entire day. 

Like embarrassingly so.

And I was sick.

Terribly sick.

But, other than that, it was pretty nice.

Here are some pictures of the kids the Sunday before Christmas in nice church outfits….that I did not make.










And some sugar cookie decorating and eating.




And because I was so sick on Christmas Eve, the kids decorated and set the table.

It’s charming in it’s own way.


While we were in Ohio one of the vendors at a flea market was selling these paper lanterns.

I bought them for New Year’s Eve.

And actually remembered that I had them

AND where I had put them.

We wrote wishes on them.

They were a huge hit and pretty easy to do.


My wish was to be more patient and meek.

And, ironically enough,

my lantern totally got stuck in our tree.

Five feet above my head.

And it was the only one.

So, yeah, I don’t know what that means.

But probably something significant.


Here’s to a new year,

{maybe without as much patience and meekness as I had originally anticipated…}


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Baby Girl Names

So now that we know what kind of baby this is: human: girl.

Inevitably, the discussion of what to name this little girl is brought up.

Bryce has put forth the name of Stevie.

As in Stevie Nicks.

From the 70s.

Oh, and Emma {hi, Shauna!}.

Elizabeth put the names







on the table.

Which if you were ever a young girl

or have young girls

or know young girls

you know that these are the exact names of:

The American Girls.

And Spencer, in all his sweet, three year old boy innocence has mentioned on more than one occasion:


So there is the run down {or the low down, depending on where you’re from I guess} about the female naming situation.

It’s a good thing we have a good 20 weeks to come up with something.

Poor, poor little girl.

Hope you’re having a good week and you’re finding some of the Christmas magic.

Or at least glitter all over your house.

{Which I tell myself is kinda the same thing.}

And if you view this post as an invitation to put forth your own ideas for baby #6, by all means…


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Prep and Dec

Today I was asked by two separate people to post pictures of my Christmas decorations.

Because they love to flatter me.

And I love to be flattered.

Because I’m a girl.

And an American.

So here is what my house looks like around Christmas time.




How we wear our Christmas stockings around here.


Meg helping me look for the perfect Christmas tree….

fashionably attired as well.




Elizabeth really wanted to hold the chainsaw and Bennett really only wanted one sock on.
















My favorite thing this year are the ornaments hanging in the frames.

We actually have two live Christmas trees, one is just a bit more charming than photogenic.

You can it in the doorway.








So, there you go.

{Complete with sad lighting because the sun never shines in the month of December.}

Hope you’re having a good week,


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Halloween and What’s New in the Living Room

I know, I know.

It’s been ages.

And by ages, I mean a month.

Since a lot of you have had any idea what’s happening over here.

There just hasn’t been a lot to say.

I got one Christmas present sewn.

Got caught up on “The Paradise”.

Read The Princess Bride, spoiler alert: it’s just.like.the.movie.

Cleaned out my garden.

And winterized my bees.

Pret.ty exciting stuff over here.


in case you’ve been dying to see pictures of my cute family dressed up for Halloween, which was over two weeks ago, here are some pictures:


Bumble Bee


Police Officer, which actually has a hat and pants, but when you’re three….


Egyptian Princess


Tea Party Girl


The whole family.  Bennett was dressed up as a pant less orphan boy.

a.k.a. baby number five


Bob and Helen Parr


And this is Bennett in a vintage Oregon Duck outfit that I put on him for a Saturday game day. 

So funny.


I finally made some covers for some down filled pillow forms I had picked up this summer.  The green fabric my friend gave me and I was waiting for the perfect project.  I picked up the white pom poms in Ohio.  And the glasses pillow idea I stole from another friend.


And we put in a wood burning stove.

Which I thought I would hate.

Like loathe.

Mainly because they are u-g-l-y. 

And energy efficient.

And a big black box.

In the middle of a decent looking living room.

But it turns out I love it.

Most of the time one of the kids have pulled the little rocking chair in front of it and can be seen reading a book or looking at the flames.

And that is pretty tender to watch.

I’m still figuring out how to make the wood and kindling look more attractive.

And less messy.

I have an enamel coffee pot that I need to find the lid for so I can keep it on the stove with water for hot chocolate on cold mornings.


And truth be told, it’s making me kinda lazy.

It’s just so easy to sit down and read a magazine when the fire is so welcoming and toasty.


And here’s a picture of this fun boy from breakfast this morning. 

He’s taking more and more steps.

And he’s also becoming more and more content.

Which means I could sit down and right this post.


Hope you’re having a good week.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

I love Throw Back Thursday on Facebook.  I love to see old pictures of my friends when they were younger.

However, I, nor a lot of people that I associate with have old pictures of me. 

So instead I thought I’d re-post a blog entry from almost five years ago.

Hope you enjoy.


{And here’s the oldest picture I have of me.  Bryce and I were recently married and living in Pocatello, ID.  We had planted a small garden and this was the first fruits of my our labors.  Don’t you love that faux brick?}


Dear Bryce,

I hope that you enjoyed your last trip to Home Depot by yourself, because it will be your last.

Is this an insane attempt to control your life by playing the victim? Yes, yes it is.

I would just like to recap what happened the last time you went to Home Depot by yourself.

I stayed home with all three girls. They were all in bed. You, in your naivety, thought all was under control.

Minutes after you left the premises, I was summoned by that all too familiar Adeline-sobbing-hysterically-over-'itcouldbeanything' sound.

I bring her down stairs.

I manage to decipher between the hiccups and tears that she has some how managed to lodge a very small wad of toilet paper way, way up her nose.

Now, Bryce, have you ever had to deal with something like this?

Probably not, because you were at Home Depot.

Now onto the confession...I am not a rookie mother. I know perfectly well that you're not actually supposed to try and get the object out for fear of pushing foreign object even further up small tunnel of a nose, if that were possible in this case.

But those doctors have never met a hysterical Adeline.

And I did try other means. I tried having her blow out the toilet paper. Did you know that Adeline thinks sniffing is the same as blowing? At least that's what she believes at 8pm at night when you're gone to Home Depot.

I laid Adeline down, found some tweezers and I pulled that sucker out of there.

I know that you're probably thinking after just such a circumstance I can handle anything when you're gone to Home Depot, but I would rather not test my limits.

Your adoring wife,