Monday, August 22, 2016

Camping Pictures

I really wish I had something creative to say.

But I’m hot and tired.

And I feel like I want to go to the fabric store but I know that I have no time to sew.

Because all of my other hobbies:

children-ing {just kidding, kids aren’t a hobby, well, not today anyway….},





and dinner making {just kidding, dinner’s not a hobby, but maybe if I called it that I’d think it was more fun to come up with what to cook…}

are taking over my life.

I think we were morons to plant so many peach trees.


But we went this last weekend to Jedediah Smith State Park on the recommendation of some good friends.

Guys, you should go.

It’s in the Redwoods, it’s on the clearest, calmest river where you can look for frogs, snakes, crawdads, etc., the weather is perfect and it’s ten! minutes to the beach.

And we would totally go with you.

And if that seems like too much, you can take just the kids,

or just the boys,

or just Spencer.


Guess what we forgot? Libby’s chair.


This picture was cooler inside my head.














And this guy.




There’s a walking bridge!

That may have been my favorite thing.








My people.


Aren’t these pictures of Bennett throwing rocks fun?








Here’s to the lazy days of summer,


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I’m Pretty Sure

{Wait, don’t leave, this is a new post!}

The free summer meal program is for moms.

With six kids.

Traveling across the great state of Oregon to Idaho.

{Seriously, it’s like the entire state.}

To visit family.

All by herself.

I was about to say ‘lonesome’ but there was no part of the trip that was alone.


And who pull in to get gas, at a charming little Sinclair station.

{The kind of place where they wash your windshield.}

And when the gas attendant starts pumping the gas and cleaning the windshield,

the mom starts looking for her wallet.

You know, wallets?

The things that hold cash, and credit cards and licenses?

Pretty much everything vital and necessary?

And couldn’t find it.



Well, I flagged/hollered at the gas attendant to stop pumping because I could not find my wallet.

And then because I’m awesome at dealing with spontaneous emergencies, I burst into incoherent tears.

Because the full magnitude of my situation had hit me.

I had no way to pay for gas, no way to purchase lunch, and no driver’s license to present to an officer who would inevitably pull me over for driving well above the speed limit.

Guys, it was a pathetic sight.

The gas attendant calmed me down, once I was able to clearly explain the problem.

The owner came out and told her to fill up the tank and take my name and number so I could pay once I had found my wallet.

Oh, and the wallet?

It was in Medford.

Where I had pulled it out to buy some audiobooks to listen to while driving across the barren desert that is Eastern Oregon.

After my tank was filled and the kids realized there would be no French fries and play area, they begged to go to the park across the street.

It’s one of those ‘vintage’ parks with a double metal slide two stories high and a merry go round.

Which I did, illegally because I didn’t have my driver’s license.

After we pull in and I’m talking crying at Bryce over the phone {which I managed to not forget}, Adeline runs over and says,

“Mom, it’s the free lunch program, they’re handing out free sack lunches!”

And sure enough, there’s a little bus with a lunch lady handing out bagged lunches.

Guys, you don’t even know.

Free lunches all around for the sad little family passing through without any money.

So, anyway, the free lunch program is awesome.

As is the Sinclair station.

{Bryce paid them over the phone with his credit card because he’s a capable adult and had it with him.}

I had enough gas to make it to my parents house and Bryce over-nighted my wallet.

I’m back now and drowning in squash.

But there’s worse things, like forgetting your wallet….


Happy August,


For my other pathetic driving-through-Oregon post.

Monday, July 18, 2016

I’m Pretty Sure

the free summer meal program is for moms.

With six kids.

Who stay home.

Day in and day out.

Who labor all day washing, hanging and sorting laundry,

feeding chickens,

watering yards,

growing gardens,

picking up the house,

and picking up the house some more,

planning friend get-togethers

watching their children’s endless ‘tricks’ on the trampoline,

carting kids to and from the park,

planning bike rides

and trips to the library.

And then the mom spends an hour making a homemade meal of Chinese food,

all set up to sit outside under a homemade arbor full on Concord grapes

eating on tables made for the mom

gazing out on green grass and free range chickens.

And when these said children go to sit down to eat, plates bare because apparently no one really likes beef, noodles and Napa cabbage with egg rolls, and they wonder if they HAVE to eat it and one pipes up and says:

“Ahem! Where’s my water!?”

the mom will probably refuse to cook for these children and they can ride their sorry behinds to the closest school for the free lunch and breakfast, because there’s no food coming from this kitchen today.

So, thanks to all of you who pay taxes that support this program so my entitled children won’t starve when I go on strike for a couple of days.

{They may be acting a little ungrateful because we just got done reunion-ing with Bryce’s family and they didn’t have to do a lick of work other than rinsing sand out of their bums.}


Another covered bridge in the books.

Drift Creek 1914




Toes in the sand and blackberries in the hand….

Is summer over yet?














See that mist?

It’s sand.

Windy as all get out that day.


Traveling home with an Oregon sunset.


Adeline turned nine and got her very own….toaster oven!



Guys, you should plant some sunflowers, they’re stupid easy to grow and you don’t even have to replant them,

they just keep coming back,

like kids after you’ve tucked them in….


And some backyard s’more-ing.

Please note the absence of a Libby picture eating a s’more.

She’s one.

So, there’s that.










Remember that one time I documented my outfits and I’m like,

see, this is me at 8 in the morning and I looked above average?

This is a rare sighting of me at 7 pm on a Monday.

You’re welcome.




Hope your summer is going well.

Feel free to drop a line or a comment!


Friday, July 8, 2016

It Is July, People

I went outside to take pictures of my garden.

Because I’m avoiding my children.

I’m a grown up so I can say stuff like that.

You see, it’s raining here.

And my children, many who were born and raised here, have no idea what to do with themselves.

So I went outside to trudge through the mud and rain for some peace and quiet.


Painted this hand-me-down pedestal table.  I want to eventually get some metal outdoor chairs.  But these three will work for now.

I put this outside under the grape arbor in the garden.






I planted some amaranth.  I planted the gold variety, I’m excited to see how it turns out since it’s my first time planting a grain.


And here are some watermelon cucumber gherkins.


This is what the fruit will look like, adorable, amirght?

Image result for watermelon gherkin cucumber

And our peaches are starting to blush up.


And some 4th of July shots.


I love this picture because they’re totally selling the $20 worth of fireworks that we bought.










And our annual summer Fisher Price little people town.




Anything fun planned for the weekend?

I’m hoping to get some stuff taken to the dump.

Guys, I know you’re jealous, but there can only be one of me….=)