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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not What It Seems…

What I’m about to do may come across like I’m bragging.

Not so, my friends, not so.

I realize I’ve been negligent in my posting responsibilities, as I’m sure many of you have realized as well.

I’m working on a couple of projects which aren’t quite ready to share.

{Which may or may not be because I totally screwed up on one…}

And I’m sorely tempted to do a rant post about all of the really rude strangers and acquaintances that feel it is their responsibility and obligation to comment on the size of my belly.

Yes, it’s big.

You know why it’s big????

Because I’m growing a human being.

Which will soon come out and I won’t have a belly anymore…

But you’re haircut from 30 years ago, which just to get you brushed up on your history was in the 80s, will still be visible.

That is all.

So anyway, I’m giving you a link to a post my friend did about Adeline’s birthday party:

Please don’t comment about how much better her pictures are than mine,

I’m already painfully aware….


Ms. Taylor was in no way monetarily compensated and all of her opinions are her own….but you have to admit, she makes me sound pretty awesome….

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sister’s Weekend

I was in Idaho over the 4th of July and since a good portion of us were there (all but one sister-in-law) we decided to hold the annual sister’s weekend.

We typically hold it in September but it’s kind of difficult with school starting and such.

I was excited this year because I could make something bigger because I wouldn’t have to ship it.

photo (6)

It’s a chalkboard countdown board thing.

I picked up some 5 1/2” primed MDF trim, cut it down to 3 ft, painted it with chalkboard paint and then used a paint pen for the writing.

We also made matching dresses for all the girl cousins when we got together.



And here’s a picture

of my bad self

pretty pregnant

trying to pretend like I don’t care

sporting a free tie-die paper visor.




Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Unexpected Sequel

Once upon a time there was this awesome mom.

Again, this person is me.

And she let her kids earn money to buy some rabbits.

Sound familiar?

Remember how one was a boy and one was a girl?

So do I.

Which is why, once we found this out in the form on a surprise litter, the two were henceforth separated.


Not even supervised visits.

We had a trip planned to Idaho and left our home in the care of our neighbor.

We came back a week later to find that there were no rabbits at our house.

Some of us (me) were delighted with the prospect that the rabbits had magically disappeared.

Not even close.

There was another litter of babies.

I don’t know, people, I just don’t know.

Our neighbor had taken the rabbits, now tripled in number, to his house.

The mommy had seven babies originally, but only four survived.

Not even survived, are pretty much thriving.

I have to admit, baby bunnies are awfully cute.

Way cuter that grown rabbits.



Unfortunately, we had about talked Elizabeth into giving her rabbit away as she had very little to do with her recently.

However, with the addition of these babies, there seems to be a renewed interest.