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Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

My Week in Pictures

I’ve been reading up {again, some more} about how to improve my pictures.

One suggestion was to practice every day.

And then practice some more.

So, you fortunate people, you,

here is my week in pictures:


Bryce made homemade bagels for breakfast.


OCT 2015 026


OCT 2015 027


OCT 2015 028



We played trains,

OCT 2015 058

Picked, washed and roasted tomatoes for some homemade pizza sauce,



OCT 2015 063






OCT 2015 064





OCT 2015 072

and folded laundry.


OCT 2015 077


OCT 2015 079


OCT 2015 083


OCT 2015 093


Washed and dried summer bedding.

OCT 2015 103


OCT 2015 104


OCT 2015 106


The boys did puzzle while Libby and I finished making up the beds.

Apparently it takes two days…

OCT 2015 135


OCT 2015 149


OCT 2015 153

Thursday, October 15, 2015

From Twice a Week

To barely twice a month.

That’s my current posting schedule.

In my defense, when I first started blogging I had

three kids.

And now there’s six.

Apparently I can do half as much with twice as many kids.{!}


Alright then.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Bennett turned two.

And to celebrate he had as many tantrums as he has been alive {24, I’ll help ya out} in one day.


Libby is almost six months.

She’s working on sitting up, rolls over, has two teeth, drools a lot, cries a lot, gets held a lot, and eats a lot.

Sometimes if she’s lucky, Bennett will find an old raisin he found on the floor to feed her.

Constant vigilance.




And Bryce’s dad gave us this stove.

That he had in his garage.

That he got from his parent’s basement.

Which they had purchased and never used

in 1940.


I set it up in our family room for the kids to use for play.

Bryce says I’m the only person he knows that would use an actual old stove for a play stove.


I told him, he’s the only person I know that would have a father that has an un-used pre-WWII stove in his garage.

{In it’s original box!}

I am seriously, seriously thinking about spray painting it a fun color: light blue? red? yellow? thoughts?


And I finally found something to hang under this sign.

Since this house is one of the original pear orchard homes, we found an old pear bin label and a picture of some old locals during harvest time.


I dehydrated some of our watermelon.

And guys, it’s like candy.

I don’t even share it with the kids.


And Bryce said no to a Halloween party this year.

But if you’re hosting one, and would like to invite us, so we can do this really fun costume idea that I have in mind that Bryce says he refuses to wear unless it’s under a very specific circumstance, i.e. costume party, let me know!