The Happyish Homestead

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Trees

Vintage ornaments on the kitchen chandelier.

It was much more sparkly and magical in the picture inside my head.

Our tinsel bird tree in the dinning room.

Our Douglas Fir in the family room.

Our first ever Noble Fir.

By far, the best looking tree we've found.

I'm campaigning for a tree for our front porch next year.

And some playing in the leaves.


Family Pictures

I took our family pictures.
On purpose.
Coincidentally, it was probably also one of the windiest days Medford has probably seen all year.
But, it also happened to be sunny.
So, I dragged my family to an abandoned building
in downtown
with the best looking brick wall
and also the most amount of pigeon poop, ever.
And set my camera,
precariously, mind you,
on top of a stack of books,
on top of a paper box,
on top of a folding chair.
Naturally the pictures were as blurry as all get out with the camera swaying a top a tower in the wind.
Tripod for Christmas, anyone?
But I love everyone in the photo, and that’s what most important, right?
First up, some pictures of Spencer and Elizabeth at our house.

I finally got my Halloween decorations {go me!} taken down.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Those Six Weeks

of my life

this year


where everyone in the household

got sick.

With fevers

and upchucks

and the runs

and drippy noses

and sore throats

and dry coughs

and ear infections

{for the first time ever!  I know, what?! We’ve managed to escape the troublesome ear infections until Libby started cutting her two top teeth.  It basically sucks.}

Except me.

{Not that I wouldn’t mind laying in bed all day sleeping and reading and having Gatorade brought to me on the hour and sluffing on all of my earthly responsibilities.}

So anyway,

documenting my life has taken a back seat as I’m definitely confident no one, and I mean, really, no one wants to remember in picture format the state of the bathroom at this house.

But, I managed to grab a couple of things:

So Adeline has this fun little crown, it’s a bit of trim that was covered with wood glue and left to dry and then spray painted glittery gold.

I’m desperate to find an occasion where everyone in the family would absolutely have to wear one.






And I wanted to photograph this outfit.  I found this super fun dress and paired it with some plum tights that my brother-in-law bought for me and a sweater I already had on hand.




And why, yes, my mirror is filthy.



I bought this wood dolly at a sale this summer, which Spencer naturally attached to his ‘tractor’.



I have to admit, I’m not sure what he planned to do with those fence stakes.



And I’ve take 3,982 pictures of these two in the bathtub hoping to get one good enough to print and frame in the bathroom.

And still, nothing.



Look, they have matching arm pit rolls.



The bathtub when the boys are done.












Here’s hoping you’ve gotten off scotch free this fall from getting any sort of sickness, and if you’ve managed even a fraction of what we did, have a hot chocolate on me,