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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Pictures

I took our family pictures.
On purpose.
Coincidentally, it was probably also one of the windiest days Medford has probably seen all year.
But, it also happened to be sunny.
So, I dragged my family to an abandoned building
in downtown
with the best looking brick wall
and also the most amount of pigeon poop, ever.
And set my camera,
precariously, mind you,
on top of a stack of books,
on top of a paper box,
on top of a folding chair.
Naturally the pictures were as blurry as all get out with the camera swaying a top a tower in the wind.
Tripod for Christmas, anyone?
But I love everyone in the photo, and that’s what most important, right?
First up, some pictures of Spencer and Elizabeth at our house.

I finally got my Halloween decorations {go me!} taken down.

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  1. It is the best brick wall...ever...hands down. :)


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