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Thursday, September 29, 2016

It Was Nice Knowing You

But Bryce will probably disconnect our phone.

{Not that any of you ever called me.

Totally not taking that personally.

I mean, just because I’ve shared years of life experiences with you, I’m pretty sure .01% have actually called me at home….not offended at all.}

Because Libby accidentally called someone.

You know?


The 18 month old that gets into everything forcing my counter space to taken up with every type of stool we own just to keep her out of scissors, gas stoves, toothbrushes and knives?

And the guy who she accidentally called felt it completely necessary and within his rights to call me back.

And leave a cruel message.

About what a terrible mother I am for allowing my child to call someone.

And what if that person she had called was driving in the car and had been distracted by the phone ringing?

Or what if that person was elderly and had difficulty moving and was trying to get to the phone?

And then he said I was a few choice words.

Words I hadn’t heard since I was in high school.

And hung up.

{Now I’m not trying to tell this guy how to live his life, but maybe he should be more concerned about global warming, the presidential race, the refugee problem, that there’s no cure for cancer, the state of our foster care system, the legalization of marijuana, that not enough people are spaying and neutering their pets, that people insist on casting Ben Affleck in movies, that the BBC will not longer be broadcasting The Great British Baking Show, or the lack of honey bees….

not a mom who has chosen to stay at home and raise six well adjusted children {sometimes even Spencer falls into this category} and has a weakness for Double Stuf Oreos and boots.}

It kind of hurt my feelings.

This guy doesn’t even know me.

It sure is easy to be mean to someone you’ll never meet.

And see?

She was completely supervised.

I knew she was playing with the phone….geez.




So, to make myself feel better, I painted my piano.












Poor Bryce.

She’s not dressed up, I’m waiting for the paint to be nice and hard because I don’t want to put a protective finish on her.

Pleased as punch with how she turned out.

I don’t know how Bryce feels.

Too afraid to ask.

I’m going to recover the bench and am open to suggestions for fabric choices.


Anyway, in other photos this week:
















Putting shoes on.

It usually goes: shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off… on!








I’m sure you’re having a great week.

And that no random, rude stranger has called you, but if that happens, paint something for me.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Lifestyle Photography

So I’ve come across this idea of lifestyle photography.

Which is where a photographer would come into one’s home and capture the daily activities.

In my case that would consist of feeding chickens, folding laundry, putting kids in time out, cleaning up puzzles, making lunch, and helping with homework, and some eye rolling.


But I love the idea.

So I’m on a mission to make that happen.

{Without the expense.}

And first on the list is bubbles during bath time.

Which may be the most genius idea on the planet.

Next to all day kindergarten.

And electricity.

In that order.

It’s super fun because the bathroom floor is made to get drips and the bubbles stick to the kids because they’re wet.

Oh, and you’re already in there making sure no one drowns on your watch.

{We’re at 100% over here!}

My camera has a button that takes 10 consecutive shots after the timer goes off.














And Bennett turned 3!

I like him more than ever.


Oh, these?

These are just some Boston Creme Donuts that my husband made for Bennett’s birthday.

See, when you say stuff nonchalantly like that it’s not bragging.

True story.




Well, it’s officially fall.

Yay for the season that makes flannel and boots {and wanting to buy yet another pair} socially acceptable.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

In case you guys used my blog to gauge time. 

Which is totally understandable.

My blog can be used for lots of things.

Not really.

Just reading.

And realizing how much less chaotic your own life is after reading about my life.

Since we last talked, school has started, soccer is in full swing, Libby skinned her knee, I’ve gone grocery shopping, mopped my floors,

and gone to bed at 9 pm two nights in a row.

{You get to the point where you have nothing to prove anymore.}

So, this is what our September has looked like so far.


Curlers for the girls.

Spencer wanted some in his hair desperately, but there are some things you just can’t do, like make foam curlers stay in short boy hair.

I did try though.


Libby insisted she get curlers too,

because she has false illusions as to how much hair she really has.

Only enough for three small curlers.


Meg reading the Lego magazine to Bennett.




And Spencer thought he looked particularly handsome one Sunday and thought a photo was necessary to document the rare sighting.


And no one else wanted to be left out.






OK, so, something new on the piano.

I found these glass canisters at a garage sale.

They’re kinda cool.

They were invented my Thomas Edison and they used to hold batteries.

The batteries would be suspended from the lid and then hang into the glass jar surround.

I printed up some photos and propped them up with some flower frogs.






And school has started!

I think if I’m being honest with myself, and all of you, my life is not as calm as I thought it would be.

So, keep on lowering those expectations….

Adeline: 4th

{Isn’t 4th grade the best year?!  It was my favorite.}


Meg: 2nd


Elizabeth: 6th, which around here is still Elementary


Libby sporting Bennett’s shoes.




Summer freckles


Watering can


And Spencer is starting Kindergarten.

{A week later than the girls. If we’re being honest, it may have been the longest week of the year.}

This is the year guys.

The year we’ve all been waiting for.

The year that four kids are on the same schedule

at the same school

and only two kids at home.

The last time I only had two kids at home,

I only had two kids.

And it’s all day Kindergarten.

And Libby and Bennett nap at the same time.

I’m a little bit giddy.






And my fall porch.

I met a friend at the Home Depot Do-It-Herself class.

She was nice enough to come over and help me decorate.

Someone asked if it was fall yet.

Not officially, but sometimes I decorate when I have the time.










I think the part I’m most proud of is growing the pumpkins.

This was my first successful pumpkin planting and harvest.

I’ve tried like six different times.

The little ones were supposed to be black, but I think I planted them too early so they got bleached out in the sun.

Now I know.

And you too,

see another useful part of my blog….


Hope your September is off to a nice start and thanks for reading,