The Happyish Homestead

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back Fire

Bryce is out of town.


Moving on.

I rented a movie for the kids and I to watch while eating Taco Bell.

{I try to console myself with laziness and processed food.}

I rented Big Miracle.

Have you heard of it?

Three whales, a mom – Wilma, a dad – Fred, and a baby –Bam,Bam, get trapped under the ice in Alaska and it’s a global effort to free them so they can get to the ocean.

I would quickly like to mention that I thought my kids would love this movie.

Much like they love Dolphin Tale.

If you’d never met Elizabeth, a conversation with her would go something like this:

‘Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

What’s your name?

What’s you favorite animal?

Mine’s a dolphin.

Do you want me to draw you a dolphin?

Dolphins are mammals.

Do you know what a mammal is?

Have you seen a Dolphin Tale?

It’s so good.

It’s my favorite.

Do you want me to tell you about it?’

Ignores all responses and delves into a seven minute explanation about the dolphin without a tail.

Again, thought they’d love it.

And they did,


Bam,bam dies. 

At the very end.

He just floats away, never to be seen again.


Surround hysterics.

For thirty minutes.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Timed it.

Couldn’t even make something up.

It’s based on actual events.

Movie night?

Epic fail.


ghost pancakes for breakfast







Happy Halloween,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am….


*cooking pears for pear sauce.

Do I need more pear sauce?


Do I have time to make pear sauce?

Not really.

Am I sucker for free produce?


*tired of Spencer crying. 

And yelling.

And clinging.

And hitting.

*not ready for rainy season.

What does that mean exactly?

I forget to bring in things from outside: potatoes, shoes, tools, children, laundry, tomatoes, etc.

We haven’t had rain since June.

That’s four months of pure sunshine.

No, I am not ready for rainy season.

*ready to ship Elizabeth off.

Obviously I don’t love her anyway which is why:

I had to make her pajama bottoms instead of letting her pick some out at the store

I refused to make up some homework for Adeline to do so Elizabeth wasn’t the only one with homework

I give Adeline’s classroom more money for unnecessary expenditures like parties

and I let her help me make a pie for like four hours.

*not impressed with the caramel apple cherry pie I made last night with Elizabeth.

*one of those people who hate themselves for going to Wal-mart. 

Some serious self loathing yesterday after I went and they didn’t have things like: mushrooms, cranberries, or frozen cherries.

*trying to use the word ‘hooey’ more often.

*loving the longer nights.

*going to get rid of the ducks.

I’m not as enamored with them as I thought I would be

I have two boys and a girl, which makes things…..


Duck eggs taste like chicken eggs.

I can’t even tell a difference and….

neither can the uninformed guests I’ve served them to.

Hope this finds you well.

Feel free to comment.


Letting me know you’re out there.

That you care.

That my posts stink.

That you’ll take Elizabeth.

See how accommodating I am?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Guest Post

I’m guest posting over at Get Your Crap Together.  It’s my sister-in-law’s blog.  She is super organized, and crafty, and nice.

I’m also sick.

So, if you could pray to whatever powers of the universe you believe in that whatever I manage to put into my body would stay there for a while, that would be great, and helpful, and better than what is happening now.

Thanks so much,


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The October Report


Medford is a mecca for free/inexpensive produce.

If you know the right people.

I know a guy, who knows a guy, who grows squash.

I gleaned all of those pumpkins and squash.

For free.

The corn stalks are from the garden.

I also picked up some butternut squash. 

Which my kids love.

Actually, they really hate it.

More than anything.

Possibly more than time outs.

I tend to not care.

I picked up eight of them.


My fall mantel.

My friend gave me some crates and the other things I’ve picked up at….garage sales.

We are all shocked and amazed.


A close up.

I have a collection of Daphne De Maurier.

I think she is the essence of October reading.

Speaking of which, does anyone out there have my copy of Frenchmen’s Creek?


Elizabeth got student of the month.


And so did Adeline.


Bryce had Columbus Day off so we went on a local 2.5 mile hike.


I’m not really sure who let Meg wear white shorts on a dust riddled hiking path…..


At the top.


Hope your October is going well.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dining Room Chairs, Again


Dining Room Chairs 005

Actually….I’m sure I’m fooling no one into thinking this is what the seats of these chairs looked like before I re-covered them.

Three years ago.

White fabric.

Four kids.

In fact, it’s safe to assume no amount of cleaning or Scotch Guarding can undo what these chairs have been subjected to after countless babies, meals involving spaghetti sauce, chocolate, strawberries, mud?, tomato soup, etc., dirty hands and stinky feet.

They were dis.gus.ting.

They are the real heroes of the family.

I decided to do them in some vintage-y, happy oil cloth I ordered off line, which for the record, is way cheaper than any store I’ve seen it in.

Now I can just wipe them off and they won’t be advertising on craigslist looking for a more mature family.



In other news, I saw a peregrine falcon trying to take out one of my chickens this morning.

I’m not sure about the new morals for birds of prey.  Really, at 9:30 in the morning?  No scruples.

Have a good weekend.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Think You Ought To Know…

That Spencer can say ‘Mom’.

Has been able to for a while now.

He used to be able to say ‘Dad’ but now it’s all ‘Mom’.

But he doesn’t just say it.

He yells it.

It sounds more like a crow cawing than a little boy searching for his mom.

He caws it when he can’t find me,

while he’s looking for me,

when he’s found me,

when he’s right next to me,

when he’s patting my leg after he’s found me and standing right next to me,

when he wants up,

when he wants down,

when he wants in the bath,

when he wants out of the bath,

when he’s in the car,

when he’s mad,

when he’s awake,

when he’s getting his diaper changed,

when he’s hungry,

when I’m hungry,

when I’m in the bathroom,

while I’m making dinner,

when I’m tired,

when everyone else is yelling at me.


Never gets old.

Sometimes he can say chicken.

We’re all about well-roundedness over here.