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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Think You Ought To Know…

That Spencer can say ‘Mom’.

Has been able to for a while now.

He used to be able to say ‘Dad’ but now it’s all ‘Mom’.

But he doesn’t just say it.

He yells it.

It sounds more like a crow cawing than a little boy searching for his mom.

He caws it when he can’t find me,

while he’s looking for me,

when he’s found me,

when he’s right next to me,

when he’s patting my leg after he’s found me and standing right next to me,

when he wants up,

when he wants down,

when he wants in the bath,

when he wants out of the bath,

when he’s in the car,

when he’s mad,

when he’s awake,

when he’s getting his diaper changed,

when he’s hungry,

when I’m hungry,

when I’m in the bathroom,

while I’m making dinner,

when I’m tired,

when everyone else is yelling at me.


Never gets old.

Sometimes he can say chicken.

We’re all about well-roundedness over here.



  1. Spencer sounds very cute, and also like a pain. I'm sure none of that is news to you. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around him yelling or saying the word "chicken" since the last time I saw him he was a tiny little thing. Clearly a visit is well overdue.

  2. I'm late so you may never find my comment. However, I've learned that it builds up your (you in the general sense) ego to hear your kid say "mom," but sometimes it's also very tiring that they can say that word. Sometimes I wish my kids would forget my name and only remember the word "dad," which means of course that it will never, ever happen. "Mom" only becomes more annoying when they say, "Mom, can I tell you something?" like 80 bajillion times a day. And yes, it is bajillion because I'm sure I've counted it...


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