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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The October Report


Medford is a mecca for free/inexpensive produce.

If you know the right people.

I know a guy, who knows a guy, who grows squash.

I gleaned all of those pumpkins and squash.

For free.

The corn stalks are from the garden.

I also picked up some butternut squash. 

Which my kids love.

Actually, they really hate it.

More than anything.

Possibly more than time outs.

I tend to not care.

I picked up eight of them.


My fall mantel.

My friend gave me some crates and the other things I’ve picked up at….garage sales.

We are all shocked and amazed.


A close up.

I have a collection of Daphne De Maurier.

I think she is the essence of October reading.

Speaking of which, does anyone out there have my copy of Frenchmen’s Creek?


Elizabeth got student of the month.


And so did Adeline.


Bryce had Columbus Day off so we went on a local 2.5 mile hike.


I’m not really sure who let Meg wear white shorts on a dust riddled hiking path…..


At the top.


Hope your October is going well.



  1. I might have Frenchman's Creek...most likely I do have it...I have one of her books from you. Your house look fantastic...please come decorate my mantel (er, piano top)...and the outside of my house as well...

    happy October to you!


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