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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

I love Throw Back Thursday on Facebook.  I love to see old pictures of my friends when they were younger.

However, I, nor a lot of people that I associate with have old pictures of me. 

So instead I thought I’d re-post a blog entry from almost five years ago.

Hope you enjoy.


{And here’s the oldest picture I have of me.  Bryce and I were recently married and living in Pocatello, ID.  We had planted a small garden and this was the first fruits of my our labors.  Don’t you love that faux brick?}


Dear Bryce,

I hope that you enjoyed your last trip to Home Depot by yourself, because it will be your last.

Is this an insane attempt to control your life by playing the victim? Yes, yes it is.

I would just like to recap what happened the last time you went to Home Depot by yourself.

I stayed home with all three girls. They were all in bed. You, in your naivety, thought all was under control.

Minutes after you left the premises, I was summoned by that all too familiar Adeline-sobbing-hysterically-over-'itcouldbeanything' sound.

I bring her down stairs.

I manage to decipher between the hiccups and tears that she has some how managed to lodge a very small wad of toilet paper way, way up her nose.

Now, Bryce, have you ever had to deal with something like this?

Probably not, because you were at Home Depot.

Now onto the confession...I am not a rookie mother. I know perfectly well that you're not actually supposed to try and get the object out for fear of pushing foreign object even further up small tunnel of a nose, if that were possible in this case.

But those doctors have never met a hysterical Adeline.

And I did try other means. I tried having her blow out the toilet paper. Did you know that Adeline thinks sniffing is the same as blowing? At least that's what she believes at 8pm at night when you're gone to Home Depot.

I laid Adeline down, found some tweezers and I pulled that sucker out of there.

I know that you're probably thinking after just such a circumstance I can handle anything when you're gone to Home Depot, but I would rather not test my limits.

Your adoring wife,


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ohio Finds {You’re Welcome, Mom}

Here’s some pictures of the things we picked up in Ohio.

Some are where they’re going to live and some are just waiting in the sun room.


Old quilt tops.

This first one is hand pieced and the lady who was selling it said her 3rd grade teacher had made it.


These next two are from the same quilt.

One part was the top and the other one was the backing.




I picked up some old arrows.  I bought one set at the Country Living Fair and was carrying them around in my backpack, which generated a lot of comments.


Everywhere we went there were tons of scales for sale at outrageous prices.  Lots of scales were so rusted over you couldn’t even read the numbers and they were going for $25 plus.

I managed to picked up this old infant scale at a good price at a flea market.


And some real felt banners. 

I couldn’t find tacks anywhere in the house, hence the super bright teal tape.


Numbers and letters were everywhere…and again super expensive.  The plastic letter ‘o’ was on the cheaper side.  And I also picked up that lantern that’s sitting on the crate to the right.


At an estate sale this lady had all of these faux birds for $.25 each.  I grabbed some and strung them up for the girls’ room.


When my mom came to visit we had a fancy tea party.  We were missing some gloves so I made sure to keep my out for some in Ohio.


I also managed to expand my non-working clock collection.  I bought that old egg basket on the left of the mantel.  I had to carry it on to the plane.  Which encouraged some awkward conversations with TSA employees.


And just some fall decorating, while I had the camera out and the kids were already falling apart.


One of the most fun finds was this antique egg scale.  It grades individual eggs.


This California Canning Peach Association sign was purchased in Portland and then traveled to Ohio where we bought it and took it back to Oregon.  I love it.


Blue enamel beverage dispenser


Hanging scale


Red metal stool and a cement chick lawn ornament.


Four wood measuring sticks.  I’m going to make a wreath out of them.


A green industrial light I’m going to clamp to my sewing table.


I guess that’s most of it.

Hope you’re having a good week.

Sorry I haven’t been responding to comments.  Our computers been a little wonky lately.