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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Best Friend

Journaling Prompt:

What was the most outrageous thing you and your best friend did?

In elementary:

Stole un-ripe grapes from the neighbor on the other side of the fence.

In middle school:

Sang obnoxious songs over and over again and tried to bum money off of other people so we could buy a $.50 Twix and split it.

Played Barbies at a sleep over, even though we were 12.

In high school:

Nothing is coming to mind, so if someone wants to chime in....

In college:

At the end of each year, we would walk late at night (probably like 9:30pm or something tame like that) to the quad, and then we would take off our t-shirts and race across the grass....twice. (We kept our shirts firmly around our necks.)

Painted a co-ed's finger nails and toe-nails on some boring Saturday night.

Played raquetball, 4 times a week, mostly against boys, and beat them often enough to keep them coming back for more.

As an adult:

Let our kids eat strawberries washed off with a hose and let them run around in their panties outside.

Went to the fabric store with all of our kids, together.

I know, wild, and it's a wonder that I could set down roots and raise children with a history like that. It's a good thing they're not old enough to understand what 'a-half-streak' actually means...


*Names have not been mentioned to protect the innocent.

If you think you can top it, leave a comment...

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Feel Like a Dork When....

  • I document the first tomato I grew as an adult, and the picture takes place in our horribly out-dated kitchen.

  • I get out smarted by Blogger.

  • I trip up the stairs.

  • I call the wrong number but pretend that I didn't.

  • I'm walking home from a class, in college, down a main street, that is also a large hill and I trip on a rock (I'm not to this day convinced there was actually a rock there) and face plant, right next to a bus stop, in the rain.

  • I go see the-down-there-doctor, regardless of the reason.

  • I buy a lot, I mean a lot, so much that I'm embarrassed to take a picture, fabric from an estate sale and I haven't completed a quilt in months. I think I may have lost Meg in the mounds.

  • a cashier at the grocery store opens up a new check out just for me because I'm pregnant, my cart is full and my kids are outofcontrol.

  • I have to tell my neighbor that we broke her dish because I let my five year old wash dishes.

  • I forget that I'm potty training Meg, and that I also forget to put a diaper on her before we leave the house, and she pees all over the cart and the floor at Home Depot.

  • the only fun thing I can think of to do with my kids is to take them to Toys R Us because you can ride the bikes and play with the toys without fear of getting kicked out.

  • I tell my kids we can go to Barnes and Noble to play with the Thomas train set and then I find out they don't have one at this store.

I'm going to go shower now. Don't judge, it's only 9am here, and it's the second day in a row....


P.S. My mom is here and I went through the whole list of projects that I want her to help me get done, so hopefully between the two of us, something will get done....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm a good wife, I think some days, even Bryce can attest to that.

One day I was in one of my 'good wife' moods and offered to play Halo with Bryce. I grew up on Nintendo, Atari, Mario Bros. 1, 2, AND 3, Tetris and so on. Fair recommendations if you ask me. However, XBox 360 is maybe quite not the same.

The following is the interchange during mine and Bryce's first, last, and only Halo 'party'.

Me: Where am I?

Me: How do I know where I am?

Me: Where are you?

Me: Are you blue or am I blue?

Me: I think I just got hit by something.

Me: I have no idea where I am.

Bryce: I'll come and get you, don't move.

Me: I think I accidentally moved, are you still coming to get me?

Bryce: Katie, I'm blue, don't shoot at me.

Me: I shot at you? How did I do that?

Bryce: Katie, I AM blue, don't shoot me.

Me: OK, got it, I'm ready now.

Bryce: OK just follow me.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: Is there more than one cliff around here?

Bryce: Do you see me? Just walk to where I am.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Bryce: If you just push the 'x' button, you can jump.

Me: I have an 'x' button?

Me: Bryce, don't leave me.

Me: Maybe you could just get me past the cliff part....?

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff. Do you have any extra lives I could use?

Me: OK, back.

Bryce: OK....Katie...I AM BLUE, do not shoot me.

Me: I shot you?

The End.

Monday, April 18, 2011


  • exclamation marks

  • lime and lemon bushes, or any indoor plant

  • annual flowers, I have yet to keep any alive

  • shaved legs

  • the value menu at McDonalds

  • coconut shrimp, really what's all the hubabaloo?

  • buffet restaurants

  • garbage disposals, not really, I'm using reverse psychology on myself, hoping not having one will stop bothering me

  • wood peckers, I swear, those dumb birds bring out the worst in me

  • self check out lanes

  • GPS units, well, maybe just the part where it says 're-calculating' in the most awful computerized female voice I always feel guilty, like it's my fault the road isn't where the lady thought it was....sheesh.

  • spiritual/religious/self-worth forwarded offense, but various pictures of beautiful flowers/children/moments reminding me how great life is doesn't really make me feel any better

  • whole wheat bread and/or pasta, bleh

  • I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Walden

  • rain, I actually don't feel that way, but this wet weather is about to put me under...

  • snow in April, honesttogoodness....

Any additional thoughts?


Monday, April 11, 2011

I Feel Like a Rock Star When....

Before During

  • Adeline lives to tell another tale.

  • I get all three kids down for a nap at the same time.

  • I take a shower and no one was seriously injured in the process.

  • my kids tell me dinner was delicious.

  • I've lost 18 lbs in the last two weeks, never mind the fact that I had 18 lbs to lose.

  • I get an awesome package in the mail from a great friend with all of my favorite things: embroidered pillow cases, hand made quilts (one just for Spencer), vintage Christmas ornaments, etc.

  • I write 500 thank you notes.

  • I don't tell off the lady in line behind me who is trying to give me parenting advice about Meg.

  • I see a project on HGTV that I did years ago.

  • tons of family, including eight siblings, all call me for my birthday.

  • I know exactly where the Easter decorations are in the basement.

  • I go downstairs to get said Easter decorations and there is no dead rat to be seen, not that I was looking that hard...

  • I suck it up and go to McDonalds - where the only play area exists in all of Medford - and don't think twice about their horrible, horrible value menu.

  • someone reads a book from my goodreads list and liked it.

  • Bryce goes out of his way to tell me that Slum Dog Millionaire will be on TV and he even remembers the date and time.

  • I've already washed two loads of laundry and I'm myself.....for the first time.... with all four kids...

  • Meg is wearing panties and hasn't had an accident.

When do you feel like a rock star?

*The project seen above is more finished then you see in those pictures. I'm just too lazy to walk all.the.way upstairs to take a photo. I'll post the more completed photos at some future date. I'm not committing myself to anything specific, mind you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sometimes Captions Are Pointless....





*Bryce wrote the previous post, I hope most of you caught on to that....

**I had a birthday, Bryce bought me 18 books by an author I love, but I'm having a hard time grasping the fact that I'll ever be able to read again in this lifetime

***I've felt guilty about neglecting my posting, envisioning most of you losing sleep at night wondering what projects are or are not getting accomplished over here and what child is up next on the auction block over on least I'm trying to give them away to friends...

****My sisters helped me paint while they were visiting, I know, who wouldn't want to come visit?....anyway, and I finished up a project so hopefully sometime in the near future when I'm not trying to take a nap or thinking about trying to take a nap every waking moment, I'll post pictures.