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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm a good wife, I think some days, even Bryce can attest to that.

One day I was in one of my 'good wife' moods and offered to play Halo with Bryce. I grew up on Nintendo, Atari, Mario Bros. 1, 2, AND 3, Tetris and so on. Fair recommendations if you ask me. However, XBox 360 is maybe quite not the same.

The following is the interchange during mine and Bryce's first, last, and only Halo 'party'.

Me: Where am I?

Me: How do I know where I am?

Me: Where are you?

Me: Are you blue or am I blue?

Me: I think I just got hit by something.

Me: I have no idea where I am.

Bryce: I'll come and get you, don't move.

Me: I think I accidentally moved, are you still coming to get me?

Bryce: Katie, I'm blue, don't shoot at me.

Me: I shot at you? How did I do that?

Bryce: Katie, I AM blue, don't shoot me.

Me: OK, got it, I'm ready now.

Bryce: OK just follow me.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Me: Is there more than one cliff around here?

Bryce: Do you see me? Just walk to where I am.

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff.

Bryce: If you just push the 'x' button, you can jump.

Me: I have an 'x' button?

Me: Bryce, don't leave me.

Me: Maybe you could just get me past the cliff part....?

Me: I think I fell off some sort of cliff. Do you have any extra lives I could use?

Me: OK, back.

Bryce: OK....Katie...I AM BLUE, do not shoot me.

Me: I shot you?

The End.


  1. You did better than I did. I spent the whole time looking at a wall, then handing over my controller because I couldn't even figure out how to turn around when Mark DID come to get me. Awesome.

  2. Heehee, sounds like me trying to play Mr SD's war games, LOL. I can play Ratchet & Clank, and that is it.

  3. Hahaha, too funny. I'm certain I'd be going through the same sort of scenario if I tried playing one of Jordan's games with him!

  4. Is this a repost? It sounds vaguely familiar. :)

  5. Sam after reading this through with me... Honey our conversation would be more like this.

    Sam: Play XBox with me.

    Starr: Hell no!!!

    Here's to you being a good wife! I... am not. Haha.

  6. I Totally laughed my head off!!! I can't count how many times I waited for Tate to :come get me"!! :0) Oh silliness!!

  7. Jamie's mad Halo skills had a lot to do with us getting married. We'll just say she made grown men cry.


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