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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Feel Like a Dork When....

  • I document the first tomato I grew as an adult, and the picture takes place in our horribly out-dated kitchen.

  • I get out smarted by Blogger.

  • I trip up the stairs.

  • I call the wrong number but pretend that I didn't.

  • I'm walking home from a class, in college, down a main street, that is also a large hill and I trip on a rock (I'm not to this day convinced there was actually a rock there) and face plant, right next to a bus stop, in the rain.

  • I go see the-down-there-doctor, regardless of the reason.

  • I buy a lot, I mean a lot, so much that I'm embarrassed to take a picture, fabric from an estate sale and I haven't completed a quilt in months. I think I may have lost Meg in the mounds.

  • a cashier at the grocery store opens up a new check out just for me because I'm pregnant, my cart is full and my kids are outofcontrol.

  • I have to tell my neighbor that we broke her dish because I let my five year old wash dishes.

  • I forget that I'm potty training Meg, and that I also forget to put a diaper on her before we leave the house, and she pees all over the cart and the floor at Home Depot.

  • the only fun thing I can think of to do with my kids is to take them to Toys R Us because you can ride the bikes and play with the toys without fear of getting kicked out.

  • I tell my kids we can go to Barnes and Noble to play with the Thomas train set and then I find out they don't have one at this store.

I'm going to go shower now. Don't judge, it's only 9am here, and it's the second day in a row....


P.S. My mom is here and I went through the whole list of projects that I want her to help me get done, so hopefully between the two of us, something will get done....


  1. I like the picture of you with a tomato - somehow it kind of sums up why you are my friend!?! I feel like a dork, but only a little, because I am overly and obnoxiously excited to see you in FIVE DAYS!

  2. Blogger and I are not good friends, arguments ensue every time I log in, pictures get deleted or misorganized, I can't figure out how to add stupid post dividers from shabby blogs, and no one ever reads what I have to say, or they do read it, and do not document such facts by commenting to me. It's quite alright though, I much enjoy the fact that you and your blog are best friends and have something fun to share all the time!


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