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Monday, April 11, 2011

I Feel Like a Rock Star When....

Before During

  • Adeline lives to tell another tale.

  • I get all three kids down for a nap at the same time.

  • I take a shower and no one was seriously injured in the process.

  • my kids tell me dinner was delicious.

  • I've lost 18 lbs in the last two weeks, never mind the fact that I had 18 lbs to lose.

  • I get an awesome package in the mail from a great friend with all of my favorite things: embroidered pillow cases, hand made quilts (one just for Spencer), vintage Christmas ornaments, etc.

  • I write 500 thank you notes.

  • I don't tell off the lady in line behind me who is trying to give me parenting advice about Meg.

  • I see a project on HGTV that I did years ago.

  • tons of family, including eight siblings, all call me for my birthday.

  • I know exactly where the Easter decorations are in the basement.

  • I go downstairs to get said Easter decorations and there is no dead rat to be seen, not that I was looking that hard...

  • I suck it up and go to McDonalds - where the only play area exists in all of Medford - and don't think twice about their horrible, horrible value menu.

  • someone reads a book from my goodreads list and liked it.

  • Bryce goes out of his way to tell me that Slum Dog Millionaire will be on TV and he even remembers the date and time.

  • I've already washed two loads of laundry and I'm myself.....for the first time.... with all four kids...

  • Meg is wearing panties and hasn't had an accident.

When do you feel like a rock star?

*The project seen above is more finished then you see in those pictures. I'm just too lazy to walk all.the.way upstairs to take a photo. I'll post the more completed photos at some future date. I'm not committing myself to anything specific, mind you.


  1. when I remember to put out the school shirts the boys are supposed to wear on Wednesdays, instead of something else.

    when I'm ready for bed and the dishes are done, the house is picked up, the boys are asleep, and I have my clothes laid out for the next day.

    anytime I can get 120 15 year olds to think something is cool, worth their time, entertaining, or just not boring.

    p.s.--you are a rockstar...

  2. ...I post an entry with actual pictures on my blog
    ...I finish a dresser and can put it to use
    ...we remember to read to all the kids at night
    ...all the bedding is washed and put back on the beds
    I will feel like a rockstar when all my kids are potty-trained and Howard has to take Adam to the bathroom on outings!

  3. Well....I don't feel like a rockstar when you have lost 15 lbs. in 2 weeks and I'm 9 1/2 months post-partum with 15 more to loose "_ But I do feel like I rockstar when I manage to get my hour long work-out in each morning...when I successfully clean up Daphne's first poo in the shower with me without freaking out...when I'm showered before 10am...when I complete a sewing project like my quilt unlike anything I've ever done before..and when Van tells me I'm hot despite the 15 excess lbs. :)

  4. Let's see... When I put on makeup and do my hair on the SAME day. When I run 4.5 miles, the longest distance I've ever run in my life. When Sarah tells me I'm the best mommy ever. When I buy the little snack size bag of Cadbury eggs instead of the big bag. When I make a new recipe with coconut milk in it and Michael actually eats it. When I vacuum all the carpet in my house on the same day. When I start and finish a project in the same month.

  5. I feel like a rock star when Adam doesn't manage to shoot pee all over his clothes when peeing at the grocery store. Oh wait, that hasn't happened yet.

    So now I feel like a rock star that he's at least sitting on the potty in the bathroom in the grocery store.

    I will also feel like a rock star when the bathroom at Albertson's does not feel like a sauna!

  6. Katie!! The hallway upstairs looks AMAZING with the doors gone. Good work, my friend! Sorry I missed your phone call a couple days ago...I was in TEXAS! Wahoo!


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