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Monday, April 18, 2011


  • exclamation marks

  • lime and lemon bushes, or any indoor plant

  • annual flowers, I have yet to keep any alive

  • shaved legs

  • the value menu at McDonalds

  • coconut shrimp, really what's all the hubabaloo?

  • buffet restaurants

  • garbage disposals, not really, I'm using reverse psychology on myself, hoping not having one will stop bothering me

  • wood peckers, I swear, those dumb birds bring out the worst in me

  • self check out lanes

  • GPS units, well, maybe just the part where it says 're-calculating' in the most awful computerized female voice I always feel guilty, like it's my fault the road isn't where the lady thought it was....sheesh.

  • spiritual/religious/self-worth forwarded offense, but various pictures of beautiful flowers/children/moments reminding me how great life is doesn't really make me feel any better

  • whole wheat bread and/or pasta, bleh

  • I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Walden

  • rain, I actually don't feel that way, but this wet weather is about to put me under...

  • snow in April, honesttogoodness....

Any additional thoughts?



  1. Thank you for the rant. My thoughts exactly. One other thing, growing an avacado from a seed in water, NEVER works. Way over rated. Love that little boy, he is darling!

  2. I just have to second the motion on the inspirational emails. We are most likely offending many people, but I hate anything in too big, colored, font, with cheesy pictures.

    I'm also canceling your vote on wheat is fabulous! and good for you.

    The exclamation point was just for you. :)

    Oh, and I guess your baby is incredibly cute as well...if I need to mention that at all...

  3. I agree with the whole wheat pasta, though I can eat the bread. And I never forward inspirational emails and I never repost them on Facebook even if I'll have bad luck or it proves I'm not a good Christian by not doing it.

    And well Walden just goes without saying... Who could really like that.

    Another thing that's over rated is people who make comments days and days after the post has been done because they've been too busy, sick, or some combination of the two to check people's blogs.


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