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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Best Friend

Journaling Prompt:

What was the most outrageous thing you and your best friend did?

In elementary:

Stole un-ripe grapes from the neighbor on the other side of the fence.

In middle school:

Sang obnoxious songs over and over again and tried to bum money off of other people so we could buy a $.50 Twix and split it.

Played Barbies at a sleep over, even though we were 12.

In high school:

Nothing is coming to mind, so if someone wants to chime in....

In college:

At the end of each year, we would walk late at night (probably like 9:30pm or something tame like that) to the quad, and then we would take off our t-shirts and race across the grass....twice. (We kept our shirts firmly around our necks.)

Painted a co-ed's finger nails and toe-nails on some boring Saturday night.

Played raquetball, 4 times a week, mostly against boys, and beat them often enough to keep them coming back for more.

As an adult:

Let our kids eat strawberries washed off with a hose and let them run around in their panties outside.

Went to the fabric store with all of our kids, together.

I know, wild, and it's a wonder that I could set down roots and raise children with a history like that. It's a good thing they're not old enough to understand what 'a-half-streak' actually means...


*Names have not been mentioned to protect the innocent.

If you think you can top it, leave a comment...


  1. Elementary: stole checks from friend's neighbors mailbox as we were convinced they were murderers.

    Middle school: nothing aside from calling boys at 1 am

    High school: stole traffic cones and street signs, hung out at pool halls, snuck into car lots after hours, snuck in to the fair in the back of her dad's truck and then attended a concert, randomly drove around following hot guys in nice trucks, cut school to go shopping

    College: was married to my best friend at that point and we are not going into outrageous stuff.

    As you can see, my kids are going to be holy terrors when they are teens.

  2. proud to have been a participant in some of those events... thanks for the fun flashbacks! hope you are well.

  3. It is gonna be good!!
    In elementary school my friend and I glued another girl's indoor runners to her seat with white glue!!

  4. Ahhh the memories!!! What an awesome sleep over...and I am sure the singing was really a service to the people not nearly as annoying as memory proves...right?

    The first come to my mind:
    in high school my BF and I had fake fights in the ONE hall at school...these fights involved a whole lot of yelling.

    Also in high school one of my friends and I tied the Principal's door shut and he couldn't get out. He had to call the secretary on his phone for help!!!

  5. Rats, I missed the partial streaking, you know I would have been right there with you. Let's do if you ever come to A-town again. I vote on Colfax. My real story is a long one, just ask me about the Christmas tree incident.


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