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Friday, May 6, 2011

Playing Catsup

There's a town here that has a massive community garage sale once a year and it happened to be this last weekend. I picked up this chair for $5. One good thing about a $5 can't really go wrong. I conned my friend Beth, who came to visit, to help me re-upholster it. The best part, we didn't once consult the internet for advice.

It took us three days, did I mention we have six kids between the two of us?

Not that I'm an expert, but if you plan on doing this in the future, do it with a friend and then call me for some tips. You can learn quite a bit just by doing it one time.

We got on the band wagon and re-upholstered it in a drop cloth. The piping is done in a purple floral that I got at another estate sale. We switched the five button tufting for just one big, fatty button in the middle.

I think it was a smashing success.

I have been super, super busy the past couple of weeks with a new baby, sleep deprived children, a sleep deprived mother, a patient husband, nice weather outside, a birthday, Easter, lots of great company - including my mom and my best friend - and a load of projects that got accomplished.

I'll just put a stop to the enthusiasm right now and tell you, it will be one project post at a time. I have to draw out the goodness. That sounds really self absorbed, doesn't it?

Did I mention I hit a rock star of an estate sale and picked up a load of great stuff? More to come....

Project posts for later dates: sun room floor, laundry sink skirt, pillows, quilt tops, a dresser, and...I think that's it.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Love the chair, you should have shown the part that was hanging down and frayed so they could see that it really was in bad shape. Cute family picture, we should have done it outside by the lilac trees, but I guess we were just lucky to get a picture of everyone dressed and hair done and all before 9:00. Can't wait to see the other successes.

    Love Mom

  2. I would so share my drop cloth covered chair, except I still haven't found the darn drop cloth. Where did I put it to keep it safe from the kids?? Help me Katie, you're my only hope.

    Seriously, that chair looks great. So glad you had a good time with Beth.

    Love ya

  3. Very smashing! I love it. And your fam is just beautiful. I really like your short hair!

  4. Dear Katie, please come help me find my motivation to finish my to do list, it's not very big, but seems quite daunting. You seem to have a handle on it however. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  5. I have two wing chairs that I got at a garage sale LAST summer and NO ONE wants to help me recover them. NOT ever my MOTHER! So pretty please, come help me! :)


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