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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reading Between the Lines

Before the skirt and nice wire basket to contain all cleaning supplies necessary for doing laundry, even though I still end up throwing clothes away because they're stained. I never said I was good at everything...

This is the fabric choice up close.
(She was not this cute yesterday...)

I'm choosing to post another project that my mom did while she was here visiting rather than telling you about sleep-deprived-back-talking-mess-making-unappreciative-fighting-bored-muddy-whinny-eye-poking-kicking-refusing-to-drink-their-milk children.

*Please note, Spencer was not harmed in the making of yesterday's day and one can assume he is not one of 'those' children mentioned above.

My mom made that cute little skirt for the cement sink, which I love, now that I am using it more. That totally makes me sound like I don't know how to use a sink for washing anything, which, for the record, is not true.

I would tell you how she did it, but I have no idea. I gave her the fabric and told her what I wanted. The end.

Thanks to Roeshel from The DIY Showoff for the feature today, and welcome all new comers, it will be 'fun'.



  1. love the skirt. am in the process of guilting mom into making me one. :) love the new profile. :)


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