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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here's the truth, I like food.

You would think I'd be over the novelty of it by the end of the day after feeding Spencer, getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner on for five people, assembling snacks, sneaking in a handful of treats every now and then, but I'm not. By the end of the day, I'm hungry.

Food I could eat my weight in:

  1. Rice Krispie treats

  2. Whoppers, the hamburger, from Burger King, and not the junior version either

  3. McDonald's french fries

  4. Fried chicken from Albertson's, or anywhere, really

  5. Snickers

  6. Cottage cheese and canned pineapple

  7. Chocolate milk, apparently I'm adding beverages now, too

  8. Root beer

  9. Homemade rolls with freezer raspberry jam

  10. Canned grape juice

  11. Homemade tomato soup

  12. Or canned tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches

  13. Chocolate chip cookies

  14. Egg rolls

  15. Swedish fish

  16. Avocados

  17. Cereal, not really particular about what kind

  18. Fresh pineapple

  19. The samples at Costco, if it wasn't so awkward to go back for seconds

  20. Steak

  21. Cotton candy

  22. Any beverage from Sonic that I purchased for 1/2 off during their Happy Hour

  23. Pizza

  24. Last but not least, pretty much anything I don't have to prepare

  25. That was the last one, till I was proof reading my post and realized I left out the all important potato salad

What about you?


P.S. A bit of blog business: since I have some new followers, and I know when I find a new blog, I want to check it out first, I added a label cloud where you can click on the word and then find all of the associated posts.


  1. mmmmm...makes me hungry. yeah, i somtimes wonder why I'm still on such good terms with food when i have to make it EVERY DAY, but we're still very fond of one another (hence the ever present love handles). a few of mine would be pickles, chocolate cake, thai food (almost all dishes), almost all baked goods, pie--lots and lots of pie, burgers from five guys and their fries, pit beef bbq sandwiches from The Canopy in MD. if you come visit, I'll make some egg rolls for you.......

  2. Shrimp..lobster..crab...pies..I love food but this box isn't big enough to name all it! LOL!

  3. spinach, Bluebell Ice Cream, sandwiches, Lay's bbq chips, sunflower seeds, and Taco bell chicken soft tacos.

    We could have made Rice Krispy treats today, but we opted for marshmallows straight out of the bag!


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