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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We've Been Really Busy:

cleaning up poop, potty training, scraping the old paint off our house (we're going to paint it!), sorting through clothes, re-arranging rooms, trying to fit in naps, trying not to slit our wrists because of all the rain, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, moving furniture, picking up walnuts and pine cones, tying quilts, and thinking about binding quilts.

(We have a hitting problem at our house. Our new solution is to send the girls out with a bowl that they have to fill with walnuts or pine cones and bring it back full before they can come inside....did I mention it's been raining a lot lately? We're really cut down on the hitting around here. They've even gone out there at like 8:30pm, in pjs.)

We bought six baby chicks on Saturday. They stink, but they're awfully cute. Names: Lucy, Mrs. Gardner (Elizabeth's teacher), Sophie (from Mama Mia), Josephine (from Little Women), Cherry, and Hannah. See how well rounded we are...

It totally looks like we're running an orphanage for girls....if anyone would like to adopt one, let me know. Meg moved into the girl room, and it's going.....o.k. There's lots of jumping across the beds....shoulda seen that one coming.

Meg's big girl quilt, not yet bound, mind you.

And Spencer moved into his own place, and he loves the airplane mobile that I made, thankyouverymuch.

You can't really tell, but those are some airplane pillows I made for Spencer's room.

I bought this dresser at an estate sale that was stuffed in a shed amidst rat poop and garbage, snagged it for $5. I cleaned it and sealed it. I'm going to buy those cute crystal/glass knobs and replace the yucky, cheap ones. I also bought that fan there. I think it cost me $1.

I'm going to put some really cute decor on top, yet to be determined.

Any projects you'd like to brag about?



  1. I'm really jealous of your chicks. I've been wanting chickens for a long time now, but alas, Aurora doesn't allow them---we got two cats instead. Not nearly as productive and a whole lot more hair to clean up. I think I have a problem if I'm drooling over little chicken coops I see in magazines and home and garden shows. I LOVE Megs quilt. You're brave to put them all in together, but it sure does look cute! I've bragged about my lame little projects on my blog I'll spare you.

  2. So who gets the big bed? Love the way the dresser turned out, i can't believe you spotted it first. Projects are looking good. Can't wait to see the chicken coop creation and new house paint. you will be busy still for a long time.

  3. Cute girls room. I see it more as the room from 12 dancing princesses myself. I love it!

  4. I had to scour my mind to think of a project I've finished...

    But, I think I came up with one. I've got over 100 balls of cookie dough frozen in my freezer. I will start baking them Friday night or maybe Saturday morning to sell at my yard sale, which did not happen last week as planned because the weather lady scared us unnecessarily I believe and because I got sick...


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