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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I had a DAY on Monday.

You know the kind of day where you wonder if there is a medical condition about having post-partum depression with your two year old?

The kind of symptoms where you don't like them, don't want to hold them, you wonder if this is normal, you feel like you're not bonding, and all you want to do is send them back?

The kind of day where you feel like you're not getting ahead?

'Ahead of what', you're not exactly sure.

That it feels like it's you versus the kids and the kids are winning?

And you just feel....defeated?

You look back on the day and can't think of one success?

Where you think 'this is not what I signed up for'?

I signed up to be the loving mother who doesn't yell at her children while making Rice Krispie Treats, like on the commercials....

The kind of day where you take all four of your kids to Home Depot and one of the things that you walk out with is a lock?

Not the kind of children's lock you put on the door handle....

Nope, that would be silly, because you know as soon as you buy one of those at 9pm at night (because it's that or turning yourself into the officials for feeling homicidal) to put on their door, they will figure it out, even the not-even-two-year-old will be escaping by the next day.

A real lock, the kind the hooligans can't reach on the outside of the door?

Yup, that was the kind of day Monday was.

Just wondering if you've ever had one of those days...



  1. Yup, lots of those days. For a while we had those locks on the bedroom doors. I put a lock on the fridge today, just to see what they would do. Accuse me of starving them, that is what they do. Never mind all the fruit on the counter or the bowl of popcorn. Starving them!

  2. p.s. There are also days when boarding school sounds better and better.

  3. I'd be WAY less than honest if I said I'd never had a day like that.

  4. When my Mom calls and I don't answer....she say's on the message machine--"You haven't gone to the bridge without me have you?" And we are talking about the'!!


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