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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bryce Said....


Front Door

The front porch will painted a great color like: yellow or grey, any thoughts?

Bryce made two more shelves.

......I'm not allowed to flash anymore of his it, thanks.

The library is completely done now...are you tired of it yet? I just have one more thing, a chandelier, that will hopefully get hung sometime this week.

The chickens will also be moving outside this week.

The house is all painted....except for scraping the windows, doing touch up, and painting the rest of the doors.

Guess that's it.



  1. The house looks great, so do the kids, can't wait until Saturday.

    Love Mom

  2. WOW! What a house! it looks amazing :) I saw a picture of a yellow front door on Pinterest recently and it was fabulous.

  3. That looks awesome! Annie loves that the pile of junk has been replaced by bikes. Oh yeah, we checked, and after we move, there will only be 6 hours separating us from a trip to Medford!

  4. Looks awesome! I think a yellow porch would be so fun, but would probably show wear and tear more than something like grey.

  5. A gray porch would hide more dirt than the yellow but the yellow sure would be purdy :) and show off that green door of yourns. Sorry I'm in a weird mood today.

  6. Red porch? Love all the new pictures of the kids!


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