The Happyish Homestead

Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear Kind Readers: (who probably haven't even missed me)

I'm not posting today or last Wednesday for that matter.

I am super busy getting ready to....

PAINT the outside of our house.

Exciting, I know.

Pictures next week.

The chickens, and all children, are still alive.



  1. I have been checking all day and no posts? What am I to do, aside from painting my own house?!

  2. So I've been a tad busy and had trouble keeping current with my blogger friends. Instead of being able to read their posts the actual day they write them I had to catch them a week or two later unless I happened to be lucky.

    So tonight I had a rare night when I was actually done with my work at 9:00 ish instead of 11:00 ish or midnightish. (Though I've been told on facebook I really don't know what busy means...) So I thought I'd come get a Katie fix only to find you're on hiatus. I'm not sure that's really allowed. You should somehow be able to sense clear across the country that I'm trying to put off cleaning up the kitchen and would want something funny to read.

    Plus painting a house is really overrated. Trust me. I'm the expert on having a house that needs painted but not doing it.


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