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Friday, June 3, 2011

It's A Celebration!

In honor of having two days in a row of sun, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY.

What it is: an hair accessory made from three vintage yo-yos.

Why it's cool: you can slide it on a headband or bobby pin.

How many will be given away: seven, 10 seemed like too many and 5 seemed like too few.

Anything else: if you're interested in trying to win the charming three year old, check back later to see if she's available, about 10pm tonight when she's still awake messing around with her sisters.

Why you should enter: because free stuff is Awesome.

How quickly do you have to enter: you have till Monday.

How you enter: be a follower, and leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about summer (assuming it's summer where you are).

What else you should know: I wear this all of the time and even if it's not your style, you could give it away. I will be taking it as a personal slight if you don't enter.....

Have a great weekend.



  1. I'm the first to enter so I'd better win, right? Never mind the fact I won Katie in a box...

    Why do I love thee summer? Let me count the ways.
    Blossoming flowers and trees
    Blue skies
    Backyard Firepit
    Parks with Lizzie
    Anticipation of finally finishing grad school
    And the list goes on.

  2. Summer: watermelon, ice cream, bare feet, pink toenails, picnics, green grass (not in my yard but in some people's yards), fresh tomatoes from the garden, sun tan lines on tiny shoulders... One seemed like too few, 10 like too many!

  3. I love summer because of camping, grilling, hammocks, leaves on the trees, parks, water, gardens, trips, and family visits--and this summer because of a little twin niece and nefew being born!

  4. Fresh veggies from the garden and sandals and bare feet. And a good thunderstorm with fantastic lightning.

  5. Sooooo cute! I can't think of anything I don't love about Summer right now. Ask me again in September, when I'm ready for Fall :) OH, I do like potty training much better in the Summer--if it must be done, I'd rather do it when he pees outside instead of on the carpet, ha!

  6. Cute hair accessory! I like summer because. . . I'll get to snuggle a new baby and be on maternity leave when its warm outside, bbqs (even when it meant I was working), fresh fruit, painted toenails, fresh cut grass, just about everything the sunshine brings!

  7. I love giveaways!! Summer brings yummy food, family boat trips, cute clothes and sandals, bike rides, a nice tan and much more! I love summer!

  8. I love summer because I can finally ride my bike and haul the little kids in the trailer, endless Popsicles and Kool-aid mustaches on little kids. Sprinklers under the trampoline, and Howard grilling=less work for me. I love summer so
    much I am moving to the land of awesome summers.

    I didn't win a Katie in a box or a quilt, but I did get some windows and a cabinet bookcase. Hopefully I still qualify for this.

  9. i love summer because it's not winter!
    sandles, sun, watermelon, long walks at night..

  10. My favorite thing about summer is that people don't judge me QUITE as harshly when my kids run around pantsless. Or topless for that matter. Man, it's a good thing I have boys...

  11. Since I don't work during the summer months, take my holidays, I love summer to do whatever I please! Love to golf, quilt and sew, yard chores, bbq...... Yay!

  12. So I'm trying to be witty and it's just not working. So excuse my boringness...

    Grilling, walking outside without freezing, pretending I live in a meadow with little purple flowers growing everywhere instead of grass, eating ice cream without freezing, etc. (You can fill in the etc, my brain's tired.)

  13. My birthday is definately first on this list. ;) Then it's the 4th of July...Melba style, and family reunions.

  14. BBQ is by far my favorite thing about summer! How is 4 kids working out...everyone still sane?

  15. I love Summer because that is when Melba's OLD TIME 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION IS!!! Is there anything better than fireworks that you can watch wearing your pj's and laying in your front lawn?? I think NOT!! :0)


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