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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sister’s Weekend Giveaway {Exclamation Point}

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So, if you’re new to the area, allow me to explain.

My sisters, sisters-in-law, my mom and myself participate in a Sister’s Weekend. 

We each make a surprise gift, times that by the number of women participating, and mail it out the first weekend in September.

Basically, we each get seven gifts in the mail in about a weeks time.

And each of them are different.

Last year, I made make-up bags.

I usually make one extra gift to giveaway on my blog.

However, none of my family have received theirs yet, and many of them read my blog, so I can’t disclose what I’ve made.

So, to sum it up, it’s a surprise giveaway, but! a giveaway nonetheless.

To participate:

  • Make sure you’re a follower.
  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite movie from the 80s is
  • And enter by Tuesday

The winner will be randomly selected and I’ll announce who it is Wednesday morning.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Trying to Get Back in The Habit

I made this apron for holding my clothes pins.  It has enormous pockets which when filled with the 682 clothes pins I need to hang five loads of my family’s laundry each week can be quite heavy.  However, for some reason I find it quite therapeutic to hang laundry, I like the quiet rhythm of it.  This is the curtain fabric from our house in Colorado.  This is the only part of my life that is like the movies.  I’ve never had a widowed millionaire serenade me with songs about German flowers….


Our other chickens started laying so we get 6-8 eggs a day, which is perfect.  One of my neighbors {not the one whose dog killed one of our chickens} will buy a dozen for $3.


I made some bunting using an old atlas that I picked up at an estate sale for the frame on top of the piano. 


And, thanks to Curious George for giving Elizabeth the idea to cook a slice of pizza via solar power.  She wanted to cook the whole pizza that way but I said there was no way that I was going to take my chances on an idea from a fictional monkey who has poor role models and a dog as a best friend and walks using his hands.  Actually….I just said no.  It actually worked.


I’m going to have a busy week, but check back on Friday for a giveaway post.  It’s Sister’s Weekend again and I’ll be giving away an extra project.

Hope you had a good weekend,


Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I Know:

  • 170# is a lot of peaches
  • 170# feels like 600# when you’re canning them in a non-air conditioned house
  • $.10 a # is pretty cheap for peaches
  • Not as cheap as free
  • Which you will realize is what you’d pay only after you canned 170# at $.10 a # the day before {specifically from 8pm-2am}
  • I will be doing another quilt giveaway
  • I will be having a quilt tying party at my house, Monday the 20th if you want to come, seriously, you should come….
  • I will only blog two days a week
  • It makes me a better mom to not have a working computer
  • I still want to be a good mom
  • More chickens is better than less chickens
  • Spencer’s poopy diapers really smell
  • Boys poop way more often than girls
  • I don’t have bed bugs
  • I found this out after I had scoured the kids’ bedrooms and washed 25 {not kidding} loads of laundry
  • It is better to have a clean house than bed bugs
  • I’m always the last person to have my garbage to the curb on my street
  • I try to be the first person to have my garbage to the curb
  • It’s not a competition
  • But if it was, I’d be losing
  • One can get tired of broccoli
  • Maybe not so much broccoli but having to pick it daily
  • Bleh
  • I love the song Want U Back by Cher Lloyd

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Glad to be back,