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Monday, August 27, 2012

Trying to Get Back in The Habit

I made this apron for holding my clothes pins.  It has enormous pockets which when filled with the 682 clothes pins I need to hang five loads of my family’s laundry each week can be quite heavy.  However, for some reason I find it quite therapeutic to hang laundry, I like the quiet rhythm of it.  This is the curtain fabric from our house in Colorado.  This is the only part of my life that is like the movies.  I’ve never had a widowed millionaire serenade me with songs about German flowers….


Our other chickens started laying so we get 6-8 eggs a day, which is perfect.  One of my neighbors {not the one whose dog killed one of our chickens} will buy a dozen for $3.


I made some bunting using an old atlas that I picked up at an estate sale for the frame on top of the piano. 


And, thanks to Curious George for giving Elizabeth the idea to cook a slice of pizza via solar power.  She wanted to cook the whole pizza that way but I said there was no way that I was going to take my chances on an idea from a fictional monkey who has poor role models and a dog as a best friend and walks using his hands.  Actually….I just said no.  It actually worked.


I’m going to have a busy week, but check back on Friday for a giveaway post.  It’s Sister’s Weekend again and I’ll be giving away an extra project.

Hope you had a good weekend,



  1. the pizza is awesome! I love your clothes line and I keep tell Dave I want one...but he doesn't beleive me.

  2. Hanging your laundry to dry seems like it would make doing laundry worse, but I could be wrong. It's happened once before!

    Also, if you were my neighbor I'd easily pay double that for eggs laid by your chickens.

  3. Did you cook that pizza on one of the days it was 106 degrees?

  4. I've missed you and all your awesomeness! Yeah for a new computer! great projects!

  5. Ahhh Curious George... I feel the same way about Dora. I mean really, what parent just lets their like 5-year-old girl wander the forests and all kinds of crazy things while they just sit home. (Don't get me started on Diego...) Fortunately, as I type this I'm sitting home alone while all of my children are at school so I don't have to worry about such shows.

  6. A clothes line is one of my requirements for when we buy a house. MUST have a clothesline (we want an old house anyway, so I'm sure that won't be hard.) I also want a wood burning stove. I also want a solar oven, which is basically how she cooked that pizza. Awesome!!


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