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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I Know:

  • 170# is a lot of peaches
  • 170# feels like 600# when you’re canning them in a non-air conditioned house
  • $.10 a # is pretty cheap for peaches
  • Not as cheap as free
  • Which you will realize is what you’d pay only after you canned 170# at $.10 a # the day before {specifically from 8pm-2am}
  • I will be doing another quilt giveaway
  • I will be having a quilt tying party at my house, Monday the 20th if you want to come, seriously, you should come….
  • I will only blog two days a week
  • It makes me a better mom to not have a working computer
  • I still want to be a good mom
  • More chickens is better than less chickens
  • Spencer’s poopy diapers really smell
  • Boys poop way more often than girls
  • I don’t have bed bugs
  • I found this out after I had scoured the kids’ bedrooms and washed 25 {not kidding} loads of laundry
  • It is better to have a clean house than bed bugs
  • I’m always the last person to have my garbage to the curb on my street
  • I try to be the first person to have my garbage to the curb
  • It’s not a competition
  • But if it was, I’d be losing
  • One can get tired of broccoli
  • Maybe not so much broccoli but having to pick it daily
  • Bleh
  • I love the song Want U Back by Cher Lloyd

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Glad to be back,



  1. Hooray, you are back! Life is worth living again!

  2. What I REALLY want to know is, HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU DO IT ALL???? Someday, I will learn from you how to be a rockstar mom and do everything along with raising my children. someday... I'm excited you're back. That's a heck of a lot of peaches. woah. too bad I wasn't there to help you. I think often of canceling my internet so that I'll be a better mom and then I think I might go crazy if I do. maybe someday.

  3. PS-- LOVE that third quilt. Super cute.

  4. I'm with Rachel... She does have good taste.

    You can get tired of broccoli. I think I got tired of it 30 some years ago. I cannot, however, get tired of reading your blog.

    Wish I could come over for the quilt tying party. Not that I'm actually good at tying quilts but because it was fun when you did it here. Of course if I win a quilt I'll know it was tied well all over because I didn't help...

  5. Those are some really beautiful quilt tops. How long do you think the peaches will last? I bet only a year with all the kids wanting some. They taste mighty good with ice cream or yogurt too!

  6. Instead of a contest you should just mail a quilt to your favorite sister.

    That would be me...

    If I could spell silouhett I would tell you the picture with a sillllouteeettt is way cool (not sure which letters should be doubled here...)

  7. I'm glad I can lessen my therapy sessions. :0)

  8. We're glad you are back too! I can't believe you canned that many peaches...impressive!

  9. I'm loving the first quilt and the fact that you found peaches for .10 a pound. I don't think I've ever seen them so cheap. You'll be glad you did them come February. I'm glad you are back, a good mom is only good as long as she is sane. That's my excuse anyway.

  10. i want the 3rd quilt, or at least the pattern to it. You need to tell Jamie you can only get peaches that price if you live in Medford and have a Harry & David orchard near by. I'm sure for the sister's exchange we will all be getting a quilt, and since they are coming to my house, i get 1st pick. You should enter the local fair.


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