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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Guest Post from Emily (Katie's Sister)

Katie's computer broke down and she has been offline for the past few I'm going to fill in for today...just to let you all know she is safe and sound, and to post some fun pictures of Kate...

So, enjoy a bit of a walk down memory lane...I thought I would share some little known facts about the famous Katie Bell:

1: She's a twin...okay, you might have known this already...but you probably didn't know how terribly cute the two of them were as toddlers (they are both quite good looking now, but probably don't want to be referred to as "cute").

2: The twins, Kimberly and Katie, actually look nothing alike...and in fact, are not all that much alike...the one thing they do have in common is that I am their favorite sibling (shhh, don't tell the other seven...)

3: Katie didn't used to like change...she had the same hairstyle (see above picture) was the one our mom could cut at home...but during her senior year of high school, she and Kim went to see my cousin Darby in Seattle and Kate got a "real" haircut in a "real" salon...nice, huh? more super cute picture of the twins....
4: Katie has always been a bit of a fashionista...notice the stylish heals paired with a very eco friendly cloth diaper and simple white undershirt...
5: Katie had our parents wrapped around her finger...we'd always wanted pets, but the answer was always "no". All Kate had to do was ask and viola! a dog...and a horse! Of course, a lot of this had to do with the fact that we'd moved out of town and had plenty of room for the animals to run around...and she was on strict orders to care for them...which she did. Now she's moved on to chickens and ducks...pets with a purpose.
6: I know you already know this about her...she married a super cool guy who is very good to here's a picture of the cute couple on their wedding day.
7: Katie loves to talk on the phone...that way no one knows if you're in your pajamas with curlers in your hair.
8: She has a wild streak...she's up for fun and games at any time.
9: She loved our grandpa and he had a sweet spot for her.
10: She's quite creative with food...this picture is from the summer of milkshakes and orange juliuses in every flavor.
11: I've got nothing here...but isn't this a fun picture?
So, there you have it! 10 incredible facts you didn't before know about Katie Bell. After this I'm sure you can see why you enjoy her blog so much...she is a lot of fun and is incredibly photogenic...she should post more pictures of herself. :)

I love you Kate, I'm sure all of your readers are hoping you're back on line they won't be subjected to a post from me again. :)

Happy Sunday!



  1. katie, I was wondering what happened to you! Great post Emily! If Katie can't call you her favorite, she'd better at least call you a really "good" sister! Loved the pictures!

  2. Love it Em!!!! You did a fabulous job!

  3. Katie, so glad to know you're not lying dead in a ditch and that your chickens haven't pecked your head into a nub, although I think technically according to Junie B. Jones it's the roosters that do the nub pecking so I guess just watch out for those.

    My kids have been into Harry Potter lately. Mary likes to be Katie Bell... (Not sure why she doesn't want to be Hermione. She's got a built in Ron and Harry right here at home. Maybe Katie's just cooler because she plays quidditch... Or maybe just all Katie Bells are cool.)

    Hope you return soon. We've missed you!

  4. Great post! I loved all the pictures and the facts. That last picture looked similar to the one we took at Andy's farewell. Katie and Christy both had their legs sticking out! Great job Em!


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