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Friday, June 15, 2012



a ghetto light with a little less ghetto of a light.

That was an awkward sentence.


The light in the dining room is hot wired.  Which means there is no switch, just a  pull chain.  So the options for new lights are pretty limited.

But I was tire.d of looking at this sorry excuse for dining room lighting.


I cut off the old shade. 

Why I did this, I don’t know.

Because I ended up having to take the light fixture down anyway to slip the new ‘shade’ over it.

Oh well.

I bought this ‘light’ in Colorado for $3 at a garage sale.  (It used to just have a light bulb hanging in it.)New Do 014

(You can see it in the corner there.)



Bryce says it doesn’t look any worse than the old one.

I don’t think that’s a compliment.

Few things could look worse than the old one.

The girls are coming home today.

It’s amazing how much I miss all the chaos. 

Not really.

But I do miss them.



  1. I think it looks much better. I love capiz shell lamps. My mom had a huge tin of capiz shells that she brought home from the Phillipines. I should try and makes one with them.

  2. Sorry, had to giggle over your husband's commentary!

  3. I think I understand Bryce's comment because neither lamp seems to match your house. They aren't bad so much as they look out of place. Maybe if they were spray painted red or something. Or that pretty blue you have through out the house. I don't know. But I get what Bryce said because they do look the same amount of out-of-place. Hmm. This is like a puzzle trying to find the right lamp with the right pull switch that matches everything else.

  4. Although to be honest I've never even noticed your light before.

  5. To be honest...the new light is way way better

  6. I totally remember you getting that light probably because it reminds me of my grandma. She had a light like that only it was like 5 feet long I bet. I'm pretty sure it's still at her house because my grandpa didn't change anything after she passed away (even the pink exterior paint)...


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