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Thursday, June 14, 2012

That’s a Really Great Line….

Look what Bryce built me.

It’s a clothes line if you can’t tell.


He asked if I was going to do laundry today so I could try it out.



Not likely.

But I am excited.



  1. I am slightly jealous! I have wanted a clothes line too. Enjoy it!

  2. one day in the near future, I will follow in your footsteps, in the meantime, I'm just plain green with envy!

  3. I mistaken or did you set it up right next to a young growing tree?? If so you may want to re-think your line location. That tree looks like it will grow large and grand inviting birds and their roosting, know all the things birds do in trees. And as they do what they do in trees they also...umm poop. My line had to be moved for this reason.

    Other wise it is a gorgeous set up!!

  4. Um some day when we get a house, if we don't find one with clothesline already built, can you please send him out here to teach Jordan how to make one? I'd love ya'll forever! (not that I don't already)


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