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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Life Doesn’t Stink

Which, if you didn’t know, makes for really lame blog posts.

The worst thing that has happened, is I just snagged my pants on a sharp corner.  That’s it.  And even for my affinity for the dramatic, not even I can turn that into a worthwhile post.

The honeysuckle has bloomed.

We’ve harvested broccoli, peas, lettuce, strawberries and a couple of raspberries.

All of the chickens are getting along.

The hailstorm that occurred only during the three minutes while I was waiting at the bus stop didn’t do any damage to the garden.


{Does anyone else find pianos highly un photogenic?  It’s like they don’t even try to  look their best.}

I moved this frame because it was bending the curtain rod that will probably never be used for curtains.


I’ve managed to find the time to make hundreds of half square triangles.  I actually don’t know if there are hundreds….I have no desire to count them whatsoever.


Spencer is walking, most of the time.


And Adeline hasn’t taken a timeout in days.

*Please note that I have not mentioned anything about Meg’s personality swings, behavior or misbehavior.  Not saying anything is evidence enough.

School is out this week.

I’m meeting my sister up in Portland for the weekend.

My in-laws will have the girls all of next week. {And there was much rejoicing.}



Oh well.  Somehow we’ll all suffer through it.


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