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Friday, May 20, 2011

meaning something that — maybe slightly melodramatically — ruins one’s life

Bane of my existence

And I still have to bind the thing

How to make one:

  • Look through a quilt book with your husband

  • Ask him which one he likes best

  • Tell him there's no way in heaven you would make something that complicated, even for the love of your life

  • Look at the pattern for a year

  • Finally give in and start making it - it's the least you could do for the guy who will carry $200 worth of fabric up various sets of stairs 13 times

  • Cut out twice as many pieces as you need because you're a dork like that

  • Have two kids in the mean time

  • Decide to make up your own pattern thinking that's the only way you're going to get the darn thing done in this lifetime

  • Put it together

  • Wait months and months and months trying to talk yourself into quilting it, ignoring not-so-subtle hints from your husband about when it will be done

  • Convince yourself to try a new way of binding it, telling yourself it will be worth it

  • Whine and complain like you are the victim

Have a pleasant weekend.



  1. at least it was amazing at the end...

  2. So it is all done but the binding? That is great. i look at quilting blogs and some of these ladies have quilts for years before they get back to them. Me, I like to just start quilts, cut them out, sew a few blocks and then move on to the next.

  3. It looks great to me. I don't even start projects these days, let alone finish them, so you're one up on me. My greatest homemaking accomplishment in the last while is growing alfalfa sprouts.

  4. It's GORGEOUS! I would like to make one---but if you say it's difficult and you are the expert quilter, then I'd be a lost cause.

  5. HAHAH!! I saw that quilt and cried...then I laughed!! :0) Kudos to you!! So funny story--isn't reality hilarious?? Or maybe it's insanity!! But, Insanity is hilarious.... sometimes!! :0)


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