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Monday, May 16, 2011

Completely Floored

Introducing the new sun room floor:




This last picture shows the actual color of the floor the best.

All I did was prime the floor, paint it, and seal in with three coats of polyurethane.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been warm enough to actually use the sun room, but don't worry, I've slowly been accumulating furniture and ideas about how best to decorate it.

I eventually want to put a round, pedestal table in there and a day bed.

It's a good thing it's a sun room because it has no lighting and no insulation. And it only gets the sun for about 2 hours a day....

Sorry this is a weekend late, but blogger was being s-t-u-p-i-d on Friday and by the time it was finally working, I wasn't.



  1. remind me again, but didn't you just have a baby? please stop being so amazing, I'm starting to feel lazy...

  2. Awesome! I am a new follower! Chris

  3. My question is--where do you find the TIME and ENERGY to do all this stuff? Please....send me some. It's awesome!

  4. Great work! The floor looks so much better after you have painted it. This just shows that floor painting, stencilling or staining are great ways to add more life to a boring floor. Thank you for sharing this post. This will certainly inspire other homeowners and even flooring Honolulu experts out there. I hope you will soon post some pictures of this room after all the details are put in place.


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