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Thursday, September 27, 2012

curtain addition






I wanted to do something with the curtains.

I want my house to feel light and airy.

Apparently, that can translate into white and boring.

From where I sit in the dining room during dinner time, I have a perfect view of the curtains behind the couch.

I was so sick of seeing just the plain, unobtrusive, white panels.

I was desperate for a change.

It turns out if I have money, I spend it.

I bought this yellow graphic pattern at Joann’s.

The rings at Wal-Mart

and I had the navy blue fabric for the ties on hand.

At the cutting counter, I almost stopped the lady from cutting the fabric.

It’s a little different from my regular curtain purchases.

I still don’t know how I feel about the it.

I love the change, I just don’t know if it’s me and if it really goes with the rest of the room.




Bryce and I purchased this old school bulletin board at an estate sale.

I’ve had it hung up for a while, it just took some motivation and planning to get the 8x10 pictures printed up and everything else going.

I think it looks a little busy, but Bryce likes it.

I love seeing the candid photos of our family.



I tried to find words that described a family: cooperate, coexist, cohere, compact, complain, comrade.

I have a couple other projects churning around so hopefully I’ll have some more things to share.

Hope you’re having a good week.



  1. I think the curtains add some oomph. I thought at first that maybe you shrunk the white curtains (like that could happen, right?)

    I am also jealous (not in a covet-y way) that you find all the sweet estate sales. All we have ever found to buy at one was a butterfly specimen.

  2. love the the blue the bulletin looks like cupboard doors...which has given me an ideas...which I are awesome...and I love you too!

  3. I read somewhere that you should fill your home with things you find to be beautiful or useful or both. Based on your history of showing your backside to strangers I'd put these curtains solidly in both categories. : )


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