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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes I Just Want To Take A Nap

But then I tell myself I should come up with something clever to post.

I end up not finding something clever to post.

Feel like I should post anyway.

Start to blog.

Delete post.

Start again.

Decide that I should write a post about posting but not really posting.

Wonder again what I should blog on.

Wish I had time to do a craft.

Which one would think I would have ample time with two 2! kids in school.

Does not seem to make a difference.

Found 30 chicken eggs in our yard.

They’re so naughty.

Spencer and Meg will not stop hitting, crying, spitting, or pushing, or taking time outs.

Yes, even Spencer.

Begin countdown for school starting for them.

Just left my not real blog post to put Meg in her room.

Lots of deep breathing.






Hope this finds you well, or not reading my post because you’re taking a nap.



  1. Lots of deep breathing at our house too.

  2. Totally wish I was taking a nap, but I'm not.... When did Adeline grow up?

  3. I read this, took a nap and i'm awake again.


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