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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


{not always original, just predictable}

Here are some pictures of some of the produce I’ve canned this season:


a week’s worth of green beans from my garden,

{the least photogenic}

I always think it’s amazing that from a $1 packet of seeds, there can be so much harvest.

{not pictured, the additional 7 pints in my fridge that didn’t seal}


apple juice made from apples off my neighbor’s tree,


70 quarts of pears gleaned for free from our church’s orchard,


and apple butter.

I’ve also been making peach leather which my kids are inhaling, which is surprising since they can’t really stand fruit roll ups.

*side note, other weird things my kids won’t eat: jell-o, pudding or home made freezer strawberry jam on their crepes.

To make fruit leather, specifically peach since that’s the only kind I’ve made, have you noticed I’m not terribly well-rounded?:

peel and pit ripe peaches

puree in blender

add sugar to desired sweetness

pour onto a non-stick cookie sheet or one lined with saran wrap

I use saran wrap

(your oven won’t be hot enough to melt the saran wrap, just make sure it’s trimmed and not touching the rack or sides of oven)

I do about a quart’s worth of puree per batch, it’s about the right thickness

bake in oven for 10-12 hours at oven’s lowest temperature, mine’s 170 degrees

12 hours is a bit too long for my temperature setting and the thickness of my leather

remove from oven, roll up and cut

I put mine in the oven in the evening and let it cook all night.

Hope you’re having a good, awesome, great, tolerable, energetic, productive, above average week,



  1. Yum!!! And how awesome that you got to glean those pears!

  2. I swore I wouldn't can this year... still I did a bushel of peaches. I used to do plum leather that same way. The kids love it! Even more in January. I'm looking into getting an new cook stove, what kind do you have? Just wondering.


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