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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not What It Seems…

What I’m about to do may come across like I’m bragging.

Not so, my friends, not so.

I realize I’ve been negligent in my posting responsibilities, as I’m sure many of you have realized as well.

I’m working on a couple of projects which aren’t quite ready to share.

{Which may or may not be because I totally screwed up on one…}

And I’m sorely tempted to do a rant post about all of the really rude strangers and acquaintances that feel it is their responsibility and obligation to comment on the size of my belly.

Yes, it’s big.

You know why it’s big????

Because I’m growing a human being.

Which will soon come out and I won’t have a belly anymore…

But you’re haircut from 30 years ago, which just to get you brushed up on your history was in the 80s, will still be visible.

That is all.

So anyway, I’m giving you a link to a post my friend did about Adeline’s birthday party:

Please don’t comment about how much better her pictures are than mine,

I’m already painfully aware….


Ms. Taylor was in no way monetarily compensated and all of her opinions are her own….but you have to admit, she makes me sound pretty awesome….


  1. Shauna didn't say anything about you that isn't true...the home you and Bryce have created is great. I love coming over and the jam making for Adelaine's party was a wonderful idea. As far as your tummy is concerned, I don't think it looks out of proportion at all. As you said, you are growing a human being. I hadn't thought about the Taylor kids and your kids being the same...3 girls, 2 People can't help themselves...they open their mouths sometimes and their brains fall out. I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant...seemed like my pregnancy was everyone elses business!

    1. Thanks're a great friend.

  2. Awesome is as Awesome does... you rock! And so does that pregnant belly. What's worse, having everyone tell you how big your pregnant belly is and then in a few months suddenly shrinking back to your fantastically skinny self or having everyone say how small you look (as in my pregnant case) and then remaining huge with hips that never seem to disappear even months after the baby arrives. I feel you've got the better end of the deal. Enjoy it!

  3. Cute little petite pregnant women growing babies have the cutest bellies...people don't know how to express the amazement they feel when they see such awesomeness, me included - I keep doing it to this adorable girl I visit here...I'm sure she is posting on a blog somewhere about how rude I've been...I don't mean to be, its just there are no words to really say what we are thinking.

    I'm not so much talking about the big-ness of the belly as much as I am truly taken by the beauty of it all, and how such a small frame can make a big ol' cute's pretty freaking amazing. There aren't any other words than, 'wow, look at that belly, can your body make it another day?' sounds awful...but really it comes from a place of respect and awe...

    sorry...its what you get for being a cute little petite mama making more cute babies...

    miss you guys!


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