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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sister’s Weekend

I was in Idaho over the 4th of July and since a good portion of us were there (all but one sister-in-law) we decided to hold the annual sister’s weekend.

We typically hold it in September but it’s kind of difficult with school starting and such.

I was excited this year because I could make something bigger because I wouldn’t have to ship it.

photo (6)

It’s a chalkboard countdown board thing.

I picked up some 5 1/2” primed MDF trim, cut it down to 3 ft, painted it with chalkboard paint and then used a paint pen for the writing.

We also made matching dresses for all the girl cousins when we got together.



And here’s a picture

of my bad self

pretty pregnant

trying to pretend like I don’t care

sporting a free tie-die paper visor.





  1. I wish I was your sister, and not just for the cute sister's weekend crafts. I think I might need to make something like that for Sarah - she's kind of obsessed with her calendar right now.

    Spencer is huge! And looks not unlike Caleb with that blond hair and those blue eyes. We should have them hang out.

    No one, literally no one, could rock a free paper tie-dye visor like you. And thanks for posting a pregnant picture. I wanted to see one but I can't ask since I don't do pictures...

    1. We should definitely have them hang out or we should just hang out...whatever.

  2. did all the cousins have matching dresses or just your girls? have you told us what baby number 5 is? boy or girl? Cute, count down...

    1. All the cousins had matching dresses and baby #5 is a was fun to see them all dressed up.

  3. If only we all looked that good pregnant, in tie-dye visors.

    1. ...the world would be a different place...=)

  4. Loved seeing you and your fam! And I love my sister's day gift!!

  5. You.are.adorable! And your kids are too...


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