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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some People….

Put fluorescent industrial lighting in their kitchen.

Some people firmly believe there is never, never a good enough reason to have this type of light in any house.  Ever.


Some people replace that light with a chandelier that was replaced by a ceiling fan because some people chose to buy a house

without air conditioning and move to a state where one weekend it’s 95 degrees in May and furiously put in four ceiling fans and

the next weekend its 61 degrees.


Some people have chandeliers in their kitchen because they bought a house that was built before electricity was invented so

lighting options in much of the household are limited, but they really, really, really love a certain chandelier, so in the kitchen it



Some people have vain children whom on occasion demand to have their pictures on a blog post.






Some people have little boys who enjoy wearing pink leotards while playing with trucks.


Some people may or may not be nesting….



  1. Love your house! Always look forward to good Telling Bells blog! Your kids look in tidy...and pretty cool! :) Happy nesting!

  2. So does that mean you took down the fan for a chandelier? As much as I love your chandelier, and I do LOVE your chandelier, I'm a huge fan of fans, however ugly and unsightly they may be. I am currently haunted by dome lights (aka boob lights- a technical term, I daresay) in of my house. Spencer will curse you for that photo...


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