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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

While The Kids Don’t Know Where I Am…

I’ll quickly post this.

I’ve been busy.

(Aren’t we all?)

Whoever coined the phrase ‘the lazy days of summer’ was a big fat liar.

And was perhaps medicated.

Or murdered in his sleep….

I have a pile of sewing projects to get done

about 75# of pears in my basement ripening

cucumbers ready to be pickled


zucchini needing something, anything really.

And let’s face it,

most days I want to remain a melted puddle on the floor that I become once 12pm 3pm hits.


Here’s the low down on how projects work for me.

Day 1: Find idea.

Some days later: Find materials.

About a week later: Put materials in laundry room.

Stay awake at night for a week: Think about idea.

In sleep deprived state: Find tools.

One week later: Put tools by materials.

Finally: Move everything to ‘project’ area.

After a while: Do project.

Even longer: Paint project.

All in the same day as I’m finally motivated after a month: Paint again.

One more time.

May or may not be driven by desperation: Figure out where to put project.

Bryce reconsiders marriage commitment….


Two weeks ago I finally finished this project.

I’m going to put this outside my front door.

Once Bryce solves my problem and tells me the best way to hang it.

(Please don’t acknowledge the ‘R’, it’s embarrassed enough as it is….)


From the cut out semicircles, the kids made these un-sailable boats.


Bryce and I had our ten year anniversary.

{You don’t have to tell me, I know he’s awesome…}

My friend watched our kids for like 12 hours on Saturday so we could go out.

We went garage selling/estate selling and found these two things (pre-clean up, thankyouverymuch).


And this cute set of green Pyrex china.


That jar of peaches is one of 60 we canned last week.

While my sister was here.

In 90 degree weather.

In a house without air conditioning.

Now that I think about it,

I haven’t heard from her since….


P.S. If you have any great songs to recommend, I would love it if you mentioned it in the comments.  For real.  You should do it.


  1. I am now feeling an immense amount of guilt for piling sewing projects on you. Feel free to throw my project on the "I don't have the sanity for this" pile. :)

  2. ...and cute umbrella sign! You should put a bucket under it to collect umbrellas during the winter. Or spring and fall since we all know that they are used 90% of the year in Oregon.

  3. I like your umbrella sign. I have no song recommendations for you. I have noticed that my fascination with music has decreased proportionally according to how many kids I have. The best sound is the sound of silence. Not the song. The actual silence.

  4. Jordan just put up our first piece of chair rail....part of a project we started, and have had the supplies for, 2 years ago.

    My favorite songs right now:
    Michael Buble - It's a Beautiful Day
    Katie Herzig - Forevermore
    Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance
    Bruno Mars - Marry You
    Jason Mraz - Lucky

  5. I'm feeling grouchy and unmotivated, but if I manage to get out of the funk later I'll give you a song suggestion. (Don't hold your breath though. I'm about to drag 3 kids to Target, which could drain every remaining drop of pleasant happy thoughts...)

  6. You haven't heard from your sister because you wore her out...who starts canning peaches at 8:00 at night? Not just peaches 100's of peaches....whew! The only consolation is you will think of me, maybe, every time you open a jar. :)

    Love the dishes! What a great find...and I'm happy to see you got your BLTs for dinner...

    On my playlist:
    I'm Sexy and I Know It-LMFAO
    Honey Let Me Sing You a Song-Matt Hires (love him)
    Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
    My Sweet Annette-Drive By Truckers
    The Crane Wife 3-The Decemberists
    Romeo and Juliet-The Killers
    Ghosts-Laura Marling
    Spirit Bird-Xavier Rudd
    Meet me on the Equinox-Death Cab for Cutie


  7. I have no songs unless it can be sung by a 3 year old. I have no peaches. But I've got green beans out the wah-zoo, I could use a nap, and my children are still alive. I feel your pain and I love your sign. (And I didn't even notice the "r" until you said something.) Love


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