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Sunday, August 4, 2013

There was this one time…

when I was like ten.

And my parents shipped me off.

To Utah.

Where two of my aunts lived at the time.

Shipped off, my friends.

Because my mom just couldn’t take it anymore.

Looking back, perhaps I may have been a bit obnoxious at times.

I was ten!

Isn’t everyone a bit obnoxious at that age?

Anyway, I recall one event with fondness, my aunt taught me to cross-stitch and make a pillow.

So, I thought I’d teach my girls to embroider {ahem, last year}, that way when they’re shipped off, they won’t be bored.

They finally, finally finished up their names and we made their pillows last week.

I’m also teaching them that matching/coordinating fabric is not the same as having the same color of fabric.

Super hard concept, apparently.



And one other thing you should know about me.

I’m an excellent bumper crop gardener.

I plant at least ten different things each year and I end up only being good at about four of them.

Last year was tomatoes, broccoli and green beans.

This year I had one out of 12 broccoli plants survive, two actual bean plants out of an entire package came up and out of 25 tomato plants only like two have actual tomatoes.

However, I am rocking peppers, beets, lettuce, and potatoes this year.



And I made plum jelly from some free produce.

It is delicious and tastes a lot like grape jelly.

So I thought I’d give one away.


To enter:

Make sure you’re a follower.

Leave a comment telling me what baked potato condiment you couldn’t live without.

For U.S. residents only, sorry (lame postal service).

Enter before Wednesday 9pm.

One winner will be randomly selected.

Looking forward to it!



  1. We don't need the jelly. But we sure like beets!!! Hilarious post!

  2. We don't need the jelly. But we sure like beets!!! Hilarious post!

  3. Might sound gross, but it's yummy...ranch dressing...yumm

  4. Salt. I refuse to eat potatoes without salt. Butter is helpful too, but just buttered? not going to work. Maybe just sour cream? maybe. bacon is always yummy as well. Or I suppose chili. chili can work on a potato alone. But I'm going with salt. especially salted potato skins. Yum.

    Surprisingly our garden is doing well in carrots and basil this year. Our first year here we did awesome with tomatoes and squash. Never since. Infact this year I only have one living tomato plant and it is only 6 inches high. Still. It sprouted in March. I have a volunteer in the front garden though that has two green yellow pear tomatoes on it. otherwise our pees did okay. And the two swiss chard plants that survived are finally looking happy rather than they are just hanging on.

    Happily I still have a few jars of green tomato relish from last year as well as a few jars of hot pepper jelly.

    I love that you taught your girls to embroider! I ponder teaching Maddie, my oldest(7), but definitely not the 4 year old as she can't understand even how to do the lacing shapes yet.

    long comment. ha.

    1. abby, I need your hot pepper jelly. We just discovered it and at four dollars a pint, I definitely need to learn how to make it.

  5. Great idea to teach the girls cross stitch...I used to love to do that...might have to gift you with my flosses because I doubt I'll ever get back to that again. Everything seems to have it's place I guess.
    Your jellies look so beautiful. Don't you love the way they look when the sun shines through them or have you tried that? Please do enter me in the contest.
    The question about the baked potato is a hard one...I like mine loaded...chives, salt, butter and sour cream but if I had to pick one I guess it would have to be salted butter. :)

  6. I love your blogs you rock as a mom and an all around awesome gal. as far as baked potatoes i HAVE to have my butter, plus i like a sprinkle of garlic powder on them too.

  7. I was also shipped out that summer, in the opposite direction. I remember coming back with a really awesome tan and grateful our family only had to sweep the kitchen floor and not vacuum it too. We miss our plum trees and plum jelly...

    potatoes are always better with sour cream... but then what isn't?

  8. I don't if this counts but I could actually do without baked potatoes all together. Just don't like them.

  9. Cheese, even if I didn't have butter or salt I would still eat the potato if it was covered in cheese (I prefer pepperjack, but any will do) I might consider eating it with ranch if no cheese is available...maybe...

  10. Sour cream! I could never do without sour cream! Hey, could you send some pear sauce too? I will send you some blueberry jam!

  11. Sour cream! Assuming that butter, salt and pepper aren't condiments. And they aren't.


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