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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In A Nutshell

  • My mother-in-law and I bought these at a garage sale.
  • I refinished them.
  • They’re pretty awesome.
  • My friend bought me some fabric so I could make this.
  • I combined this  and this to make it.
  • In three weeks we will have a new baby to use it.
  • A very nameless baby….
  • Elizabeth and Bryce got this chalk board from the school dumpster.
  • We threw one of these….
  • And I managed to snap one photo.
  • She started 3rd…
  • She started 1st…
  • And the three of us left at home get to take naps….
  • Spencer moved into a big bed.
  • But not quite big enough because he fell out of it last night.
  • I made him a new pillow and blanket to commemorate the event.
  • I also put up two little pints of raspberry freezer jam, from my very own raspberry bushes.
  • I have arrived people, I have arrived….


  1. I saw something recently to help with keeping Spencer from falling out of the "big bed" tuck one of those pool noodles under the sheet,
    near the edge...hope it helps. Cute idea for the first day of school pictures and your lawn furniture looks awesome. You make me feel like an unaccomplished slug! Here you are 8 1/4 months pregnant and still doing stuff...amazing, girl!

  2. Cute furniture, cute girls, cute baby blanket. Don't worry about the baby name. It'll come to you. We called Adam "He Who Has Not Been Named" for quite a while because we didn't officially decide until after he was born. Doug and I were debating between Thomas and Michael for a long time until our neighbor accidentally referred to Alex as Adam and then I decided I liked it. I just didn't convince Doug until after Adam was born. I think going through labor earned me an extra vote... (Not that I'm suggesting anything, at least if Bryce reads my comments.)

  3. I am in love with your refinished chairs. In fact, I may be a little jealous of them. Good work!

  4. Um, Rebecca isn't suggesting Adam is she? Because that would be confusing if all three of us had sons named Adam. If she is saying you get extra votes because you are carrying the boy and will be birthing him, then, yes, she is 100% correct.

  5. Every time you post some amazing project you've done I die a little inside. It's just too dang far from Illinois to Oregon. Why does it have to be so freaking expensive for me to fly to Medford to sit on your front porch? Why?

    That blanket for the baby who shall not have a name is fantastic. I'm copying it for sure.

    I'll throw Christopher out there as a name suggestion. It's a favorite of mine. : )


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