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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Years Ago

I bought a quilt at a garage sale.

{Unfortunately, not an exaggeration.}

For, like, $3.

I’m just making that up…..

it was three years ago, people.

Someone {I’m sure they’re perfectly nice} decided to make it into a comforter and sewed some hideous 80s fabric around the edge,

with ruffles

and tied with yarn.

{Probably didn’t need to mention the fabric was hideous AND from the 80s…}

It was super sad.

Especially since the fabric was appliqued by hand.

I started working on it three years ago.

{Unfortunately, also not an exaggeration.}

So I finished it up this week.

Because we all know that finishing a project started three years ago is very pertinent to having a baby enter this world.


I hand quilted it and made a scrappy backing and used some leftover binding to finish it off.


So, when it was done, I showed Bryce how it turned out.

He didn’t even recognize the quilt.

Like, not at all.

Not even a recollection.

Sometimes three years is just too long….



  1. Yes, saying hideous AND from the 80s is kind of redundant.
    How nice of you to do the quilt some justice. All that work to applique some dresden plates and they yarn tie it?! I admit I'm kind of sad you have no before picture, I really wanted something to sneer at this morning...

  2. It's so gorgeous! If I only had your 9 month pregnant energy in my 6 month postpartum self, I would be a whole lot more productive person! Here's to finishing projects at least distracting you from the non arrival of the little guy. It does that, right? ;)


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