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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Did You Know….

that some people really love college football?


My experiences with college football are pretty minimal.

My home town’s college team wasn’t worth mentioning for a long while.  {No offense, James.}

And the college I went to only had a foot ball team as a matter of protocol.

They were pretty pathetic.

And then I married Bryce,

and met his family,

and hung out with some of his friends.

and let’s just say I talk a bit more college football then I used to.

One of Bryce’s good friends {mine, now, too} recently moved to Texas and commissioned me to make a little bit of home town love for them.

And I said ‘yes’.

{If you look closely, it says ‘sucker’ across my forehead….}

I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.

Which wasn’t the bigger issue.

I had never machine quilted before.

In my life.


I had looked at quite a few tutorials

and watched some YouTube videos.

{Famous last words…}

Let’s just say after five hours of unpicking, eight broken needles in two hours and a stream of undermybreath curse words….

I changed tactics and consulted my sewing manual.

After which I got it done in like two hours….

Until my machine broke.

But with in minutes of posting the tragedy, my friend had her sewing machine dropped off at my house.

And I finished up the project last night,

apparently with plenty of time to spare because this baby is not.coming.any.time.soon.


It’s reversible.


And I made some game-day bunting with the extra fabric.

I also put together a matching pillow sham which I was too lazy to photograph….

One project down, 52 to go.



  1. Way to turned out great. A friend of ours (who has never lived in Oregon) has decided the ducks are his favorite team. We tease him that it's because they are in John Deere colors. He collects EVERYTHING John Deere!
    Thanks for the is beautiful. I haven't opened it yet but it's good with crackers spread with cream cheese. You're the best!

  2. Good job! So ambitious and nice. And no worries about your "hometown" football team. He knows they WERE terrible and that is why he loves them.

  3. Love it! Man, how crazy that Bryce's friend would ask you to do something like that. At 35 weeks! Love the colors and pattern. Thanks so much!!

  4. You're too nice. In the best possible way. And just think of all the projects you can add to your list now that you've machine quilted something! Sorry about your sewing machine, happy for friends who will loan you theirs. : )


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