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Friday, September 13, 2013

I’m Avoiding…

my dishes from canning apple-cinnamon syrup (scratching the apple pie filling for the season) and thought I’d come post something…


The last week of summer, my in-laws took the kids.

All of them.

For an entire week.

It was kinda like a second honeymoon because Bryce took some days off of work, except for the fact

that our house is an hundred years old

I was 9 months pregnant

and it was ten years later.

While the chil’ens were gone, we worked on the room for the boys.

First before


2nd before


After, with some new paint and trim.






I glued made the vintage looking sports pennants.


Bryce picked out the fabric for the curtains.

I’m waiting for my mom to come visit to finish them.

Because I’m banking on it driving her crazy that I safety pinned the tabs to the curtains.

Not a perfectionist.

I live in a house built in 1875.

That ship has sailed.






We bought a new crib which will go in the blank spot.

I have the new sheet and bumper all made up.





(He’s pretty cute, right?)



We took down the old wood rain gutter and I’m going to have Bryce cut it in half.

Then I’ll attach it to the wall behind the chair so we can put little board books there and have a mini library.


All the curtains are closed because it’s still super hot here.

Like in the 100s.

Pretty sure we’re the only state not getting pounded with rain.

Lucky dogs….



  1. Two questions...

    How long before a little boy climbs the ladder in the corner and hangs on the curtain road??

    When you somehow become independently wealthy and start a charity for the decorating impaired can I be your first charity case? (I'm not sure how you'll become independently wealthy, but if it does happen remember I came up with the charity idea first.)

  2. I love it!! Perhaps on our someday Oregon roadtrip I'll take care of those curtains for you if your mom has not. :)
    I hope someday I can get me a 1875 farmhouse! Such character! Love that wall color btw. I'll be painting a bench something similar soon. Infact perhaps I should be doing that instead of embroidering while my kids are at the neighbors!

  3. The boys room looks adorable...I love the did a great job (as you always do).... it's hard to see one's own talents but you stood in line at least twice when they were handed out, Miz Katie. I always love to hear or read you slant on things...always cheers me up. :)

  4. Just a heads up - next time I come visit you I'm leaving room in my luggage for that dresser and a big stack of quilts. Enjoy them while you have them!

    Super impressed that the bedroom is this ready before the baby comes. Caleb's nursery was never finished - we moved and now he sleeps in yet another unfinished room. Lucky boy! Mom fail.

    Still anxious to hear what you decide to name him... Perhaps the threat of allowing the internet to select it will help Bryce agree with whatever your awesome suggestions are?!?

  5. Whose lettermans jacket is that? Way cool! Love the changes and wall color and pendants, did you hand cut all those letters or what? Good Jobber!


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