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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Weekend Getaway

Bryce and I went on a little weekend getaway up to Portland.

My mother in law is always so willing to come and watch the kids so that we can have some time together as a couple.

It’s so nice.

We ate at food trucks, tried out an artisan ice cream shop, wandered around the endlessness that is IKEA, found a local salvage place, and generally enjoyed the rare phenomenon that is alone time.

And by alone time I mean listening to real music on the radio without a running objection to whatever is decided on and the absence of a fry graveyard under the table when we finally get up to leave the table at a restaurant.

On Saturday we went to an antiques fair.

There is a ridiculous amount of junk out there.

It’s astounding, really.

And as such, I feel it is my civic responsibility to re-home some of it.

A scale.

I wish scales could weigh themselves.

This thing is a beast and yet the prettiest green color.

See you can be strong and beautiful at the same time.

{And rusty and have a dated name like health-o-meter…}




And a collapsible, wire laundry basket.

Once upon a time I saw one of these at an estate sale.

And my mom talked me out of getting it.

And I knew right then and there that your mother isn’t always right.

So, I’ve been searching for and wanting one ever since.




Vintage wool letterman’s jacket, sans the letter. 

It’s the most wonderful green.


And it fits perfectly.


And this beauty.

Here in Oregon we take our recycling seriously, and now we get to do it in style.


Industrial clock.


Ok, I hesitate to share these boys with you.

I don’t want you to think that I’m now collecting gnomes.

Because I happened to mention them one time.

And with all the things that I’ve shared this is the only thing that has ever stuck out about me.

“She must collect gnomes.”

And then you commence to purchase - in large quantities - every single gnome you come across on your ventures to the dollar store, dollar general, or dollar tree.

Please, I am not collecting gnomes.

I just wanted two vintage ones to watch over the garden.










Guys, and this.

New in the container.

It’s like a party in a box!

I am now able to “add gayety to all festivities”….


whether I’m hosting a lawn party or barbecue, or a get together in a recreation room or finished basement.

I have to admit the boat bit has me a little confused.

Do boats have plug ins?

Especially ones from the ‘50s?






And in other news, this girls can sport pigtails and look good doing it.




Reading on the porch.


Singing songs.




One last thing, if you’ve made it this far through the post, you’re a true friend so I feel perfectly at ease asking you to vote for my brother.

Well, it’s mainly for his wife. 

They’re trying to win trip to Hawaii. 

Granted I never hear from him unless he needs something….but I was promised some Macadamia nuts if he won.

Which is not as awesome as a pineapple but there seems to be some discussion about whether or not that would make it back to the states. 

The competition is about closed so you only have to vote this one time. 

Let’s do it for the nuts.

Here’s the link:


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Never Eat Lunch With My Kids

Eating lunch with my kids takes a great day and turns it into dust.

I was reminded of this today, when I thought, hey, I’ll eat lunch with my kids.

They just nag the entire time.

I want a chip, I want a bite your sandwich, I no like these chips, I need drink, Wibby’s eating my grapes, you pick up my sanwich? {‘ds’ don’t exist for three year olds nor tact nor patience}, and then there’s non speaking Libby standing on her chair crying at me till I giver her a bite of my sandwich.

So…I usually end up eating after I put them down for a nap.

Which takes me to now. 

Since I’ve already eaten lunch, I’m trying to resurrect the day by writing a blog post while my kids are playing outside, happily, I think?….the neighbors are doing some tree trimming and even Libby isn’t louder than a chain saw….

So happily it is. 

Until proven otherwise.


Libby and Bennett playing beans.

My kids have always liked this cheap entertainment.  I just sweep it up when they’re done.






And wall ball, doggy ball, bum’s up, whatever they call it in your neck of the woods during some mandatory outside time.

Trash bins for the spectators.


Libby proving what a tough gig gorilla transporting really is…find a Union, girl.


And Bennett doing boyish things.








Elizabeth started band this year and is trying the flute out.

So….that’s nice.


Oh, and I made a shirt.

I call it the apron shirt because when I was wearing it soon after I had made it, Bryce politely reminded me to take off my apron before heading out to run an errand.

{Which in his defense, is mandatory for someone like me.  I’ve been to the store, unknowingly, in my apron.  I need constant supervision.  And if you’re in high school reading this….see?! Things get way better after high school!}

It was just the shirt.  But it does kinda have a vintage apron sort of feel.

And while these pictures aren’t awesome, fortunately they don’t show the massive crease that I have yet to iron out…..and probably never will.

The neck is completely janky because sometimes reading a pattern from the 70s is like….reading a pattern from the 70s.

Maybe they’re more difficult to read because more people had a basic understanding of sewing at the time so the instructions were minimal????

I’m grasping here.




Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Photographing My Life

is helping me enjoy it more.

It’s not perfect.

Kids cry, the rains come, noses need to be wiped, children have to be disciplined, dinners seem to be a necessity and chores a constant.

But that’s what we’re doing.

And documenting it with pictures helps me feel more at peace.

Except at dinner time.

Which is arguably the least peaceful time.

You know?

The time where we all come together from our different days and sit down at a mostly well set table {Spencer’s not perfect} to a home cooked meal to talk about our days?


When you read it you can’t hear Spencer complaining about the green stuff {spinach} in his stew, Adeline about the mushrooms, Elizabeth telling Spencer to wait his turn, us all telling Meg to hurry up we are all wilting into nothingness as we wait for her to pass the food, Libby banging her tray and Bennett whinnying about his dropped fork and me trying to talk to Bryce about his really wonderful day at the office.

And so…

I take pictures.

And it helps.


Sorting the dirty silverware.


Cleaning up her imaginary mess.

Just kidding, it’s not imaginary, just completely futile in this house, on this floor.




Some sewing!

Did you hear that?!

It’s the sound of the planets aligning, the sun shinning, the angels singing and Christian Bale being re-cast as Batman.






Getting frustrated, I mean, getting dressed…


Having a good cry about not being able to find the neck hole.


Asking for help.










Some homework










And a rainbow!




Bennett got sent to his room for throwing and then managed to get himself stuck on the dresser with the hole in his pant legs while he was reflecting on his poor choices.

He’s been very anti-picture taking recently.



Some rainy day Fisher Price Circus playing.






Happy October!