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Friday, September 2, 2011


A new scale and wood boxes that Bryce's parents found for me.
A quilt that I bought last fall and finally got around to rebinding. Also, not nearly as exciting, I decided to use one of my galvanized tubs to hold the throw pillows and such. I know, genius.

A mirror that I picked up yard selling. Thinking about making some little paper bunting to string across the top.

Down filled pillows on clearance at Fred Meyer for $6.50. Was over zealous and bought four. Hoping for some magical transformation.

Antique oval mirror that I fixed after picking it up from a garage sale for $4 (!) and a painting Bryce's grandmother did of their property up in Canada.

Some treasures Bryce's parents collected for me...awaiting inspiration.

Chicken coop painted to match the house. Should start getting eggs any week now.

Pears that I got for free and will be making pear sauce out of once ripened.

Tomatoes that I did not get for free but will be totally worth the money once made into delicious tomato soup.

Also this week: painted wood for new grape arbor, kept all chickens alive, kept all trees and bushes alive, kept all children alive, bought a serger (?) for $5 at a garage sale, used Burger King coupons twice, talked to my mom three times, finished and mailed Sister's Day gifts which took way longer to put together than it should have, cleaned laundry room, watched North and South, sent Elizabeth and Adeline to Bryce's parents house for the week, went Christmas shopping and finished Christmas shopping at Borders Books, which is going out of business, where I bought a book about stenciling and it included 10 different stencils and have been dreaming about stenciling since.

The End.



  1. How has nobody commented on this! you are amazing! my projects still await finishing...maybe you should come help me out. :)

  2. I am jealous of all your finds and finishes. i had to put away all quilting until Andy leaves, it was consuming my life.

    I did get the old dresser from Grannie that I wanted, but I had to pay for it, which wasn't in my plan. I just hope that everyone else that got something had to pay for it also.

  3. nice! I want a chicken coop when we have a house but Jon says no.


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