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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I’m Not Posting About

  • The new, but boring white curtains in the girl’s room I picked up at IKEA at around Christmas time for $11.
  • Trying to swear off taking naps.  For me, personally.
  • Having three new chicks in my kitchen, which were free.
  • Yes, it does say ‘sucker’ across my forehead.
  • They may not survive Spencer.
  • The free buffet that I got last fall and am finally getting around to putting some love into.
  • The 36 yards of dirt, 50# of fertilizer, 100# of seed, 3 bales of straw, 7 hours of combined labor it took to put in our side yard.
  • My life being super boring right now.
  • Having read Cloud Atlas, which was a bit underwhelming.
  • Elizabeth seriously driving me crazy.  Crazy, people.  Padded walls crazy.
  • It might snow tomorrow….
  • Lying.  Remember that “make-up giveaway”?  Me, too….vaguely.
  • Adeline racing her bunny around the house in Spencer’s plastic, toy dump truck.
  • Have I mentioned that Elizabeth and Adeline have bunnies?


  • I’ve painted Spencer’s toenails on more than one occasion.
  • I’m giving Elizabeth piano lessons.
  • I’d like to hire someone specifically to vacuum my floors once a week.
  • I’m planning on being an awesome mom today.
  • I think that everyday and usually fall mostly short.

Hope you’re having a good week and are surviving the fickle weather that is March.



  1. We had a lovely wind-hail-rain storm this was very exciting...or not. Bunny pictures? I have to see it to believe it. :)

  2. you are a great mom! I love reading your blog- it makes my day. and lets meknow that I am not the only mom going crazy(p.s i know how tax season is remember?)

  3. I would totally vacuum your floors--If you will load my dishwasher. I hate that chore. I'd vacuum any day!!

  4. It's not the vacumming I mind as much as all the stops I have to make to avoid vacuuming yet ANOTHER Lego...

    Speaking of crazy weather, we just had a snowstorm that COMPLETELY caught the weather people by surprise. Yesterday they said the week would be warm and dry, except for the snow they forgot to mention. 30 degrees with snow is not exactly the 50 degrees they predicted and then failed to even acknowledge this morning in the paper.


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