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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Lies From The Voices Inside My Head:

  • Move to Medford, they said.  It never snows there, they said.
  • Get a Dutch Bros. hot chocolate, they said.  You won’t be addicted, they said.
  • Make American Girl Doll outfits for Christmas, they said.  You can do it, they said.  Sleeves are just a word, they said; not a problem, they said.
  • Make play dough for Meg and Spencer, they said.  It will only take a couple of minutes and they’ll play with it for hours, they said.  Not the opposite, they said.
  • Get more chickens, they said.  You’ll find space, they said.
  • Hide your Nutter Butters in the basement, they said.  They’ll be safe there, they said.
  • Go ahead and start that book, they said.  You have self-discipline, they said.
  • Have another baby, they said.  He’ll be as easy as the last one, they said.
  • Buy those gray leggings, they said.  Bryce will like them, they said.
  • Teach Elizabeth piano, they said.  She won’t feel compelled to play an entire song, they said.
  • Let Spencer hold the roll of gift wrap at Wal-Mart, they said.  He would never use it as a sword, they said.
  • Allow Elizabeth to make a marshmallow string garland, they said.  That won’t turn into a sticky, white mess, they said.
  • Turn on the windshield wipers, they said.  There’s no way they would break if they were frozen to the windshield, they said.


Any lies from the voices inside your head?



  1. *snickering*
    Your voices are a lot nicer than mine, even if they're liars!
    Mine said the same about baby doll clothes as yours with the American Girl doll far they've been cut out. the end. I've got a bit over a week, right? That's plenty of time to do a rush job on Christmas Eve.... :)

  2. Take that job, go back and get your masters, have a fourth child, and it will all be great!

  3. You always make me laugh! Thank you!

  4. Well my voices told me not to make doll clothes for my daughter, and they were right! Maybe you need my voices to speak in your head too. Or maybe your voices have more faith in you than mine do in me. Mine told me to sew when Mary was a baby. One dress turned out okay, and the other fell apart the first time I washed it. That's when I kicked that voice in my head to the curb...


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