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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We are now THAT family…

Oh sure, our family’s been lots of things before.

But never THAT family.

Until Saturday that is.

We were at Costco.

Text book, right?

Did you know we have a Costco here?

It’s always packed.

With a bunch of old people.

Buying vitamins and oranges.

No offense.

But it’s always crazy busy.

Which is why I have no idea why we were there on a SATURDAY afternoon, of all days.

But, we were.

Buying flower bulbs.

Which is right by the jewelry counter.

The locked jewelry counter.

Which Spencer was ‘admiring’.

And was told repeatedly not to.

By us.

{And a member of the staff.}

{Text book, remember?}

So, apparently if you finagle the glass door just right and put a tiny three year old finger between the sliding panes….

The alarm goes off.

And it’s not really just a quiet, jewelry counter alarm.

It’s more like a prisoner has escaped and all of Costco should be made aware.

And lose all of their hearing.

At the same time.

Kind of alarm.

Well, the wardens employees with special keys were dispatched and sprinted {probably more exercise than they’d received in a while, let’s be honest} to our exact location.

Where they found a crying Spencer being lectured by a humiliated mother and father.

So embarrassing.

Spencer said sorry through a veil of tears and hiccups and was put in solitary in the cart.

And that, my friends, is how we became THAT family with THOSE kids.



  1. Thanks for the laugh. Tell Costco it's their own fault. Who puts flower bulbs by the jewelry?

  2. I'm sad that I didn't hear about this first on Medford Police FB page. I think they should've taken his mug shot and posted it for everyone to see what happens to kids who try to steal diamond rings from Costco. Otherwise, all the other toddlers are going to start shoplifting.

  3. Bwahaha!!!!!! You haven't done it right if you don't have these types of stories! :)

  4. Last Friday I became "that mom" - the one who throws a toy in a dumpster because her kid won't listen and behave himself in public. Welcome to the club!

    Also, Costco should institute some shopping hours wherein only parents with small children should be allowed to shop, they provide free childcare and disarm all alarm systems. I guarantee it would be the most popular place in town.

  5. Try Costco in LA every day of the week. You know it's bad when even Daphne cheers when we find a parking spot. This is awesome by the way. Not in the moment of course, but after the fact. Lots of laughs down the road, right? ;)

  6. Alex managed to set off an alarm at the LIBRARY of all dumb places. The branch by our house has an emergency exit right in the children's book section. Big shock that some kid tried to go out that door, right?? I'd totally forgotten about that until I very belatedly was catching up on your blog...


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